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Tumour pain on weekly taxol



I am on weekly taxol 3 weeks on 1 off. Coping well and ca going down. Ca not a good guide for me. I am having tumour pain which is manageable like needles digging me. Trying to convince myself it’s the taxol working. Anybody else had this.

Having scan soon . Need to get my positive head on struggling today

Best wishes to everyone Maureen

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Hi Maureen,

I definitely had the same sharp, shooting ‘pins & needles’ feeling in my tumour area when I was on Taxol during FLT. It was very strange....but I kept thinking the tumour was being targeted & so saw it as a good thing.

Hope your scan shows good results.

Linda x

I'm experiencing the same. I started carbo/taxol last week and I'm experiencing significant tumour pain. I'm taking it that it's definitely them screaming as they shrivel!!! Xx

Mlowery in reply to LittleSan

Hi littlesan yeah let’s go with that.

I have just finished 6 cycles of carbo taxol reduced by 25% for a recurrence and am really struggling with pain in my tumour area can't sleep on my right side. You can't help worry about it. I am constantly thinking about it and it's been much harder this time round mentally. My ca125 is 20 but the tumour hadn't shrunk half way through. I hate this waiting game it plays with your head. I have no answers for you. But your not alone.

Let me know if you get any news on yours. Hope it's the chemo doing it's job


Mlowery in reply to Colman

Let’s hope it is we have to hang on to that thought to get through it. Best wishes Maureen

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