Nodules on the Omentum - worried

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here but I have read many of your posts, as like I am sure many of you do, I research the heck out of any new finding on my cancer journey. You all seem such friendly, supportive folk who help each other, so I'm hoping you can help me?

I had a biopsy of my Omentum today which apparently had some small nodules on it and 'stranding'. I won't get the results until Tuesday or Wednesday and the days in between will seem like years. I have two voices going on in my head - the rational, reassuring reasoning voice and the voice of doom and gloom that forecasts a stage IV diagnosis and yet more chemo. I can't shut either of them up.

Has anyone had nodules on the Omentum and it NOT be some sort of metastasis?

My journey began in 2009 when I was diagnosed with ILC in the right breast. They removed three tumours (largest was 3cm) along with my breast and 27 lymph nodes (13 showed infiltration of the ILC). A year and a bit later I had the other breast removed (prophylactic removal) and a double reconstruction. I previously had a hysterectomy in 2003 due to a large fibroid, but my ovaries remained.

Has anyone had a similar journey or any ideas what the biopsy result might be other than stage IV? Thanks in advance for your help and support,

Cheers, Judy

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  • Stage 3C? I had it everywhere inside abdomen & on cervix, plus speckling on bowel & all over peritoneum.

    Was diagnosed 3C. Not great news but I am doing fab a year later, so be brave.

    Much good wishes

  • Thanks Sherryn. You're right, it might not be as bad as I'm imagining. I should just stop wallowing in self pity and adopt a more positive attitude. Im pleased you are doing well and thanks for the positivity x

  • I don't think you're wallowing at all. You have legitimate concerns. Anyone would worry. I hate that worrying does no good. I have done plenty of it myself, so I understand. just have to wait to see what you're dealing with. Good luck, keep us informed, Nesie 237

  • Thanks Nesie. I hate this unproductive worrying, but seem unable to stop it. I will let you know the results of the biopsy when I get them next week. Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi judy I had nodules on my omentum and very enlarged lymph nodes I was terrified thinking the cancer had spread wasn't even sure at the time I had cancer they just kept referring to suspected cancer... I had huge op in May 2016 they took it all out and they only found cancer inside the cyst stage 1 ... Relief although you can't prevent worry it's not always worse case scenario ... You never know what's going on till they tell and that's hardest thing to cope with.

  • Thanks Shelleygirl, your reply and others have reassured me that I should not assume the worst and just wait and see what the result is. It's not all doom and gloom 🙂

  • Stage 3c OVCA. The nodules on my omentum etc were OVCA metastases, the ruddy great lump on my mesentary was a carcinosarcoma. So far so good. Take care. Xxx

  • Thanks Taprobane and I'm pleased to hear you are doing so well. I will let you know the outcome when the results are in xx

  • Judy, I don't have anything similar. My journey is a different one. But I can offer a view on wallowing/self pity, as at times I've been so scared and fraught I'm shaking.

    Looking back from a calmer place I can see my worst times were when I've been drugged to the eyeballs on chemo. Or worse still, when I'm waiting on test results and knowing there is a problem but not what it is.

    Waiting till the middle of next week must seem like an interminable amount of time. Please don't look at dr Google until you are clearer in your head as to what you are facing.

    People always tell us cancer sufferers how brave we are, but I think the really brave time is when you are full of fears and you get up in the morning and make yourself a cup of tea and you go grocery shopping to have something in for later. You are brave Judy. I am sure some brilliant lady on this site will offer some practical advice.

    Take care, T. X

  • Hi T, thanks so much for your reply. I hate myself for worrying so much and feel really bad knowing that there are others on here who are doing it really tough. I'm just getting myself in that frame of mind where it doesn't matter what I am told the outcome is, I shall just soldier on with whatever treatment is determined with a positive attitude. It's like climbing a wall - I'm just trying to get a leg up I guess . Thanks xx

  • Hi

    I had it everywhere the same as Sherrym it even got into my appendix, I am stage 3c and remember them saying caking of the omentum I was googling all the time until I met the ladies using this site.

    I finished treatment two weeks ago and was anxious about finishing my treatment , oncololigist actually said, go and live your life as if it does reoccurr their is nothing you can do to stop it.

    I look and feel well, and will try and push the waiting negative thoughts to the back of my head.

    Virtual hugs Ellsey xx

  • Thanks for the reply Elsey. You make a good point about leavingDr Google alone! Talking to everyone on here does put it all into perspective . I'm pleased you are doing so well. Did your treatment include surgery or just chemo? Cheers Judy x

  • Judy

    I had full debulking surgery.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • I agree Dr Google is rather dramatic. It is normal to be anxious coming up to tests and results. Ground yourself, you are thinking words that come into your head and as far as you know these are not facts. So think about that one it makes sense. However it doesnt stop our minds from working overtime. Try and focus on something nice for yourself this weekend you will find you will think less about it. I wish you well for the results and look if the worst scenario happens, there are lots of treatments out there to have. Its not easy having OC but we do make it harder for ourselves at times.

  • Hi, I had nodules on omentum so the surgeon removed it, they described them as of 'intermediate concern'. Biopsy was completely clear! Your omentum is covered in nodules which apparently are completely normal, but cells can latch on and take advantage of the blood supply. I was convinced it was bad but turned out to be nothing so you never know :-) x

  • Thanks Jen, that's a really positive reply and gives me great hope for a similar outcome! I think I want my Omentum and ovaries gone so I don't have to contend with this worry.

  • Hi Judy,

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 in Sept.2014. I had a large tumor on my omentum in addition to all the tumors in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, scattered throughout my abdomen and up into the pleura of my lung. I have been in remission for 19 months now. Try not to worry. It won't change the outcome. Even at stage 4 there are treatments and a lot of hope to go along with them........There are a lot of us who can attest to that.

    I pray your test results are favorable. Think positively!

    Best to you and your family..........JudyV

  • Thanks Judy. I went to the oncologist today for my biopsy results and she confirmed it is Stage IV ILC which has metastised to the Omentum and bones. They are going to manage it with hormonal therapy first. I was on Tamoxifin but they said that wasn't working so now I am going to take an AI ( one drug is called Exemestane and I don't know the name of the other one because I had to leave the script at the pharmacy for them to order in the drugs. Plus an injection once a month - exogere? Or something like that. The OC said if there were 100 women with my diagnosis 50% would be alive in 5 years. I hope I'm in that 50%. They are leaving chemo in reserve and said surgery wouldn't achieve anything because there are too many microscopic cancers. Not my best day

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