Last Cycle of chemo and new Problems Arise

Good Morning All-

I have just started my last cycle of chemo and new problems arise. My nails are starting to separate from my nail beds?? Very odd, starting at the top they are gradually working their way half down separating. I have trimmed them very short but big bubbles underneath where they are coming apart.

Has anyone out there had a similar problem? I am afraid they will rip off when I catch them on something.

i can certainly tell that my chemo is cumulative. the first 3-4 cycles I sailed through and now it is taking me longer to recover from the carboplatin.

How long for those who have pushed through does it take to start to feel normal again?

Wishing you all strength in fighting this.

XX Carol

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  • Hello Carol, mine did this too but they never came off. They are just nearly back to normal now it's 4 weeks since my last chemo. Keep them as short as possible and put a little tea tree oil on them to stop infection. My toenails lifted too xx

  • Hi Carol

    Yes it is cumulative I'm afraid but I found that as soon as I was in 'recovery' week on the 6th cycle I began to feel soo much better, knowing I was done I think 😀 X

  • Hi Carol

    Can't advise on your nails but with regard to 'feeling normal' after the end of chemo I was back at work full time (each time, 3) after 6 weeks. Mind you I am a bit stubborn and refuse to lie down!. Hope you get your nails sorted. Best wishes. Kathy xxx

  • Hi Carol , I am having the same problem with my nails they are terrible. It's started after about the third chemo . I currently have one more to go and hoping that they will get back to some sort of normality afterwards. Xx

  • Just my thumb nails are ridged and lumpy,nothing seems to make them normal,but going to try the tea trea oil Annr suggested.

    I think chemo affects us all in different ways,I am 18 months out and find I sleep in,go full burst all day and have to wind down around 8,it is my "new normal",I do a lot of house renovation which is quite physical and look after my grandson 2 days a week.Whatever you do or manage to do I think it is miraculous any of us feel like anything after what we have been through.

    I think all of you are amazing ladies,let's just be kind to ourselves and be proud of our achievements,good luck Carol and wish you all the best,there is no advice I can give as to when you will be back to normal,just take it steady and do what you feel like doing and pat yourself on the back at getting through,

    Love Carole xxx

  • I had problems with my nails during gem/ avastin, I used all different hand creams and found the pink vaseline hand and nail cream the best. I wore gloves during the wash up etc. I also used nail hardener, Sally Jensens and that did help. Also a fellow warrior was told by her onc that hair skin and nails from Boots were okay to take because Boots products are reliable and made under supervision. So I did take a three month course of that and eventually my nails stopped splitting etc. I still use the hardener though to be sure

  • I thought I had escaped nail problems. Then 3 months after my last chemo my nails started to split and I lost a thumb nail.I must admit this bothered me much more than loosing my hair but then I have always indulged in nail vanity.

    However it gradually they have recovered over maybe 5 months and now they are back to normal. So hold in there they will get better.

    Love Juliaxxx

  • My nails never got brittle or lifted, although I was expecting that, having read it as a side effect. My nails got rock hard and you could see pale white lines running across them horizontally. My oncologist said I will get a white line for each chemo. Weird, right? He was right! Now 7 months post chemo, my nails are still hard and the faint white lines eventually grew out..

  • Ho Carol

    I wear nail colour all the time to hide my ugly , ridge discoloured nails. I did notice recently that the nail on my third finger of left hand seems to have lifted half way down the nail bed. It's not loose or sore so I just hope it doesn't get any worse. I'm on Carboplatin too , low dose due to dodgy creatinine levels . No 3 was yesterday and 3 more to go . Like you the nail went from the top down which is better than from the nail bed up ! Take care


  • Thank you all individually for your advice and concern. It really helps to know you are all out there and willing to share your experiences. We all have a common bond in this cancer fight

    Knowing we are not alone is priceless. Its hard to share all of these little problems that add up with your family. I know they care but I do not want to burden them or complain a lot. This forum is awesome!!! Although we have never met in person I feel a special bond with you all. Keep fighting ladies!! You are all very special. I know we all may lose a few battles but hope we can all collectively win the war!!!!

    XXxx Carol

  • My finger nails and toe nails turned black. My finger nails recovered but my two big toenails fell off. It took an entire year for them to grow back and now the two big toe nails are turning black and lifting once again. I am waiting for an appointment with a podiatrist to see why this would happen again a year and a half after chemo.

  • I'm in a support group for young women with cancer, and two of the breast cancer ladies have lost *all* their nails! One of them is about 2 months post treatment and her's have grown back, whereas the other lady has only just finished and her's are just starting to fall off. Both said it didn't hurt when they fell off.

    I hope your nails grow back quickly if they do go.

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