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After 18 weeks of chemo

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Hi all - last week I completed 18 consecutive weeks of Taxol (and carbo every 3rd week). I took booster shots each week for white count; had a transfusion for red; and drank daily cup of papaya leaf tea with addition of papaya extract for platelets. Now I am focusing on blood counts improving to where they were pre chemo. Will continue to rest and hope to stay away from germs as much as I can. I see doc and do labs first of Dec. 🙏🙏 My question is until then have any of you seen an Integrative Medical group? Or is there vitamins I should be taking? If there are things I can do proactively- I’d like to do so!! Thank you! And blessings to each of you!!

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Hi Elaine,

You are on the right track and as time goes on, your bone marrow will recover and start pumping out those new cells.

Meanwhile, Solgar’s sub-lingual Vitamin B12 1000ugs is the way to go.

Best wishes for a smooth recovery,


Wow...well done! That’s a bit of a (boringly) eating well, sleeping and not doing too much are probably the best things you can do!! x


I wonder if you are on the mainly American Inspire forum. If you are then search for GlennC. Not sure if spelt with one or two “n”.

He has posted extensively about supplements. I believe a full list in his profile. He also puts the research to compliment the regime he has for his wife. Very well researched and referenced. Worth a look.

Best wishes


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Thank you! I will check for it now.

Hi Fay and ElayneZ. Yes I often look at GlennC on Inspire ovarian cancer string in USA. Lots of good information. I didn't have injections and my neutrafils and white blood cells went very low and I am looking for something natural to boost them, but can't find anything! The papaya tea and extract worked a treat for my platelets though. Originally seemed to boost my neutrafils but didn't work for my 2nd chemo when I recurred though. Big hugs from Oz.

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ElayneZ in reply to tara108

Thank you for replying! Have been told “time” off chemo will get my blood counts up. I’d like to be proactive and be certain I’m doing all and best I can. Thanks again!

HI Elayne,

I, like you, had the weekly 18 week doses and a couple of blood transfusions. I was never recommended anything to take but tried to eat well and cut out the alcohol for a while. I now take vitamin D3 and zinc and calcium tablets that I get from anywhere (not online) that I find the cheapest. Costco are good if you have one near you.

I bet you're glad you've finished it seems never ending when you start.

Best wishes, Zena xx

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Thank you Zena! I mentioned to my chemo nurse and others that I was interested in addition of vitamins etc that might be helpful with blood counts and recovery - she said “time” without chemo would get counts up. I have a call into her re Integrative Medicine group whom I understand would assist in which vitamins etc would be (or may be) helpful with recovery. Thanks again!!

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ZenaJ in reply to ElayneZ

I decided to take these things myself but I have a blood check up every year and I'm a healthy specimen at the moment. It's been 5 years now. Good luck with finding what's right for you. xx

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