Laparoskopijom bilateral salpingo oopherectomy recovery tips please

Hi I am new here I just wanted to see if anybody has few helpful hints.

I had cyst on both ovaries it was very painful so the Dr recommended a removal of both ovaries and one Fallopian tube. The other one was removed 30 years ago due to tubal pregnancy. I had the surgery on Friday ,was released the same day that day was mostly sleeping night time was painful then next day came the bloating and it was painful Bleeding increased as well. Took a Gas-x nothing no relief at all ,waited couple of hours took another one then fell asleep woke up in the middle of the night sore ate almost a bag full of dried prunes drank water took my painkillers fell asleep so this morning I felt better lighter had bowel movement now afraid to eat .

My tummy looks swollen like I am 4-5 months pregnant I went for a 15 min walk outside now back to bed hungry but afraid to eat.

Any idea when will the swelling go down and when will normal bowel movement resume trying to avoid pain killers to prevent consistipation .

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  • Was the surgery laparoscopic? If so, I might be able to offer a suggestion of the cause of your pain. Nesie 237

  • Yes it was laparoscopic the tummy is working fine now with a help of lots of fiber rich food and Gas X but the pain on right side just under the ribs is consistent and I am not sure how long the bleeding is suppose to last . Thank you in advance for any helpful info you might have.

  • I'm glad your tummy is working fine. When a surgery is done with a laparoscope, air is pumped into the abdomen so the abdominal structures are seen more clearly. It's quicker with faster recovery time but that air has to work its way out of the abdominal cavity. That air pressure is probably what made you uncomfortable. Good luck with your recovery, Nesie 237

  • Hi

    I had full debulking sme 9 weeks ago and still have to take stool softeners daily, due to surgery and chemotherapy.

    My abdomen is still swollen and for the first couple of weeks had pain. Although abdomen is still swollen and problem with constipation, everything is settling down and no pain.

    Ellsey xx

  • Thank you for that yes mine is very swollen too can't wear anything no tights or even camisole any pressure hurts.

  • Hi had had the same surgery in April and recovery was much slower than I was lead to believe, take it easy it's very early day and don't expect to much too soon.Recovery from the surgery probably took 3 months but recovering from having no ovaries is a much longer process.

  • Hello, I agree with all of the other ladies, I was operated on in June and still have twinges and a few problems with bowels, gas etc. I was shocked at how long it has taken to recover but it happens only slowly.

    Wishing you all the best,


  • I have a full hysterectomy nearly two weeks ago. The bloating has only gone in the past few days but if I'm up and doing too much it comes back. Once I could survive pain wise on just paracetamol my bowels went back to normal and a lot of the pain and discomfort went with it - About 5 days. Lots of rest ... and as much walking as possible without hurting was what I was told.

    Good luck and hope you heal quickly.

  • I think first of all you were left home too soon but that cant be changed now, You do feel woozy and sick and constipated after surgery. Start first on a liquid diet maybe soup or bovril with crackers, you do need to eat and drink to get back your energy. So eat small amounts a few times a day less daunting than a full meal. It is very early days yet so dont expect to feel back to normal for some weeks, it takes time

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice it helped a lot . I am experiencing less discomfort every day feels better then the previous one.

    My apologies for not replying yesterday but I spent 10 hours in emerg until they figured our if I had a blood cloth in my lung or not and luckily I don't but ........I have COPD so time to grow up quit smoking and deal with that too. I don't drink,don't do drugs, i work ,help my family ...trying to leave a decent life and smoking was the one thing I didn't give up but I got the warning so today is day one of not smoking :)

    Thank you so very much for all your advice. I hope that whatever you are dealing with gets resolved and you all feel healthy and happy. My prayers are with you.

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