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Daycare Laprascopic Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy - Dermoid cyst on both Ovaries - but I have no information and am terrified

I saw the Dr just over two weeks ago. Nothing was discussed. Consent forms pushed at me, major complecations touched on and sign here. All put in an envelope and sent down to admissions as if to say that's that, get out of the dept. Tried to get info but shrugged off with ask at pre-op. Ask what? I've no idea on what to base the questions.

Turns out The Dr I saw was just an SHO and has put in the letter - "The patient is keen to have the cysts removed surgically" - ( all she did was say x size on R and x size on L what do you want to do. Of course I said I wanted rid of them - anyone would) -"and I discussed with her the option of a bilateral salpingo-oopphorectomy at the same time." Letter has confrmed she is inexperienced and showed her a liar to boot - no discussion took place. To get a copy of this letter I was reduced to tears and begging on my knees at my GP's.

All I know is booked in for day care.

I am scared of how much pain I will be in, how long the recovery is etc. My imagination as been left to run riot in a vacuum so all I see is weeks of excruciating pain and months of recovery. I am so scared have cried myself to sleep every night, last night It was 4am when I finally fell into an exhausted sleep.

Please please please help as I do not know where to turn.

If it helps I am in the UK

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Having both ovaries out is seems like the right step. If the problem is just cysts that should stop you getting ovarian cancer which I developed. At first they thought mine were just cysts but in surgery, they found I had stage 3a ovarian cancer. Like many if not most people with Ca ovarian, they don't discover it until it is advanced so getting rid of your ovaries now sounds like a blessing. Even after the major surgery to remove both mine, the pain relief they give you now is so effective. I have had 2 more major ops in the same area and even after the 3rd I had very little pain, thanks to all the pain relief.

Good luck and I do hope this has reassured you.



My sister had this operation though she did not have dermoid cysts. She just a little sick after the operation from the anaesthetic. The worst thing is trapped wind which everyone who has abdominal surgery experiences. She was signed off work for two weeks but took an extra week off as she drives a lot for her work and has to carry medical equipment. You should not lift anything more than a cup of tea just after the op. You should have a pre-op assessment where you can ask questions but do you have the name of a nurse in the team you can contac who can send you some written info on what to expect? I remember being given a small booklet which listed all the different method of hysterectomy but I may have been given that at the pre-op assessment.

I have had two major operations on my abdomen due to ovarian cancer and as, Veronique says above, the pain relief now is excellent and I did not even have to take so much as paracetamol when I went home. So please do not worry though I know it is only natural.

Best wishes



Thank you for your reply, I have no nurse and the idea of a team is a laughable one. I was promised info by the consultants secretary but it is over a week later and still nothing.

I have just spoken to an Ovacome nurse on the helpline and got guidance as to what to say and what to do.

She has greatly helped with one concern by suggesting having a card made up stating that I have a low threshold to pain and that as well as being allergic to a number of common painkillers others do not work. This is to give the nurse in recovery.

She also tells me that in my age group, (I'm 49), less than 2% of Dermoid Cysts are cancerous and that as my Aunt, who died of Ovarian cancer, was not a blood relative that is not a factor either.

As I don't work that is not a concern - I was medically retired over 20yrs ago because of severe epilepsy.


Dear Tazzy, I hope that by speaking to the Ovacome nurse, you have been a little more confident. It was what I was going to suggest when I read your post. I was offered this op when I was in my 49's and didn't take the option, I went on to have a decade of Gynae problems, heavy periods and pain. I was diagnosed with OC when I was 52, but having the op then has really helped my quality of life. There's advice about having the op on the www. Hystersisters website, there's lots if good advice on there. I recovered really well, the wind was the most painful part, mint tea definitely helps. As do stocking up with big knickers, loose fitting clothes etc. I also found that taking homeopathic arnica tablets seemed to help recovery.....but who knows! It doesn't do any harm.

Good luck with it all, do let us know how you're getting on. I was terrified, but it wasn't as scary as I thought. Your op team will take into account any pre-existing conditions and your pain fears. I was terrified about the op and said so in my pre-op assessment, a really lovely trainee theatre nurse/assistant came to speak to be and assure me that she would keep a special watch over me. She also came to see if I felt ok after I came round. These people are professional, experienced, concerned and thoughtful in the main. My niece has just qualified as a theatre nurse and what she has told me is so reassuring!

All the best

Love Wendy xx


I had posted the same question on the hystersisters website and got the replies yesterday/today. They did not answer the question, all they did was say how much they regretted having the operation, and undid much of the reassurance I received from the nurse so I will ring her again. Sadly all they have done is leave me feeling ignored and bullied. I am now finding out how to leave as another reply has also stated that most women on the site have had their uterus removed and so cannot help. In other words we will leave you feeling bullied, ignored and that we can't help


Every time I have tried to get information, not here or the Ovacome Nurses it was the hospital, the consultants two secretaries, my own GP and the clinic itself, nor the consultant as I have never spoken to him, I have been told ask at pre-op they can help now turns out another lie, the pre-op nurse, who I just spoke to on the phone about something else - told blood test not needed, letter said pre-op did, she confirmed that pre-op for gynecological procedures had to do one. She was disgusted that I had been told this and also been palmed off with ask at pre-op when all they do is what many countries probably call pre-assessment, ie are you fit for this. She even said once it is over get PALS involved and make a complaint.

Now insisted on seeing the consultant who will be operating and will do so on 10th Sept, op still left in place as wanted.

Making up a list of questions for him, will also tell him how I have been treated, the constant untruths, and that it has caused distrust which I hope he will be able to prove misplaced


wendee thanks for the help, however as I am on benefit and have been medically retired for so long I cannot afford to buy any big knickers or loose fitting clothes and have none, bar going naked any ideas what is the best way round this?


Had Pre-Operative assessment today, seems I may fail due to a lack of communication between departments.

I am scheduled for a routine EEG but have been waiting since May, have just found out that they lost the letter and that as it has been asked for but not done the anesthetist may refuse. Goodness knows why as it is just so got a piece of paper for the file, the referral that is.

Can't take much more and though I was a staunch Catholic who found much comfort in prayer, I can no longer be bothered with it as he doesn't care or listen either. If anyone here feels able to pray for me that the anesthetist sees no problem and will go ahead I would be most grateful.

Sorry so down but this is a blow I did not need.


Yet another cock up means they failed to book the 1st and will have to be 5th Sept, only found out as rang again today regarding something else. an allergy that need to know about before the test as it can bring on a fit, I am so allergic to the drug generally used to stop it if it occurs that it stops me breathing. No-one wants to know and I am getting the run around.


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