Good CA125 result again - Ibuprofen still seems to be working

Hi all.

Just a quick update that my CA125 level was 7 in August. It has normally fluctuated in the past between 6 and 7, and so I am very happy with that. It is nearly 2 years since my last dose of chemo. Seeing oncologist in 10 days. Am still taking ibuprofen, which as many of you will know from my previous posts has an anti-cancer effect in some people, as does aspirin, which Cancer Research UK is finally doing a large trial into.

I strongly recommend anyone in full remission to try aspirin or ibuprofen or similar to try to prevent relapse. Please see my previous posts for more info. Do discuss it with your GP or oncologist before starting any of these, as these drugs can have side effects, and your GP/oncologist will know if you are suitable to take them. Certainly I recommend omeprazole or similar to protect the stomach.

As some of you may remember I am looking into other people on this website who are trying out aspirin, ibuprofen or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like Naproxen for their anti-cancer effect. I did hear from quite a few people in February or so, and asked if they could give me an update on their condition in 6 months. If you are happy to give me an update, please get in touch, by personal message if you prefer.

All best wishes to everyone.

Eileen x

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  • Great to hear you're still doing well.xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Great to hear you are still doing well, I am stable still however the chemo has taken issue with my bones so starting meds for this when my dental work is sorted, I take the odd Naproxen for pain and also take a statin every for cholestrol,

  • Glad you are stable.

    E xx

  • I do like the idea of other therapies but was told to avoid ibuprofen as it affects kidney function. I'm on high dose vit at the min.


  • It can affect kidney function in some people. I make sure I drink plenty of fluids. Aspirin doesn't affect kidney function, not in a tiny dose of 75mg daily.

    Best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Keep up the amazing work you are doing. I would definitely have taken Asprin or Ibroprofen if I was allowed which unfortunately I'm not, due to an ulcer caused by steroids for my autoimmune disease. But I have told all the women I support locally about this and some are doing it, so thank you xxx

  • Thanks Gilly for telling others.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Still taking naproxen, still NED. Last CA125 (at end of July) was 8, which is the lowest mine has ever gone.


  • That's great, Barbara. Thanks for the info. Can you give me an update in 6 months?

    Best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Fantastic news, you must be so thrilled

    Ellsey xx

  • Yes, delighted.

    Eileen xx

  • Amazing news

    I've been following your story and hope to one day try your advice

    Good luck in your research


  • Thanks Dawn and all good wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • So pleased for you Eileen. I'm still taking daily aspirin, together with the GP prescribed Omiprazole, but it's early days as of yet. My first review is 4th October. Will keep you posted! All the best, Helen

  • Thanks for the update. Good luck with your review on 4 October.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi, I am on cyclophosphamide and drugs from the London Oncology Care Clinic. Whilst I was up there the oncologist said that ibuprofen is something that could be of interest but at the moment focusing on the four drugs they have researched. I take ibuprofen when I get liver pain and its good for that.

    Wether any of it is doing any good I am not sure as I have lots of cancer now.

    Best wishes

  • Good luck with all your treatment. Glad the London Oncology Care Clinic mentioned ibuprofen.


    Eileen xx

  • Hi Eileen,

    This is Cindy's Daughter in law, great to hear about your success so far!! My question to you is is it a specific type of ibuprofen and how many tablets a day?

  • Thank you. No, it is no specific type of ibuprofen. It is 400mg three times a day with food. You can take one 400mg tablet or two 200mg tablets. And take omeprazole 20mg daily (or similar) to protect your stomach. Nobody should start these without checking with their GP or oncologist, as this medication doesn't suit everyone. Aspirin 75mg daily is probably as good, but again check with a doctor before starting.

    Best wishes to you and Cindy.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi Eileen

    Nice to hear from you again. I was on NuSeals 75mg for many years before I was ever diagnosed. It was stopped for one year just after diagnosis of stage 3c PPC in 2011 which I presume was in case I had surgery . I was back on them in 2012 and since then . I had NED from end of treatment until Mar this year when Scan showed recurrence in peri aortic lymph nodes. I have never asked if my long NED is due to the aspirin .

    I have never taken Ibuprofen and are they also aspirin based pain killers ? I cannot take paracetemol at the moment as not allowed during chemo . I have been given Tramadol and Codeine neither of which I am happy to take. I also take Statins as prescribed for a few years which have also been thought to prevent recurrence .

    Good luck with your appointment and I am happy to see your CA 125 at low levels and all Ok for 2 years. Take care


  • Thanks for that info - very interesting. Have taken a note for my study. And thanks for your good wishes. Ibuuprofen and other similar non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are painkillers which act similarly to aspirin in having a weak cancer cell killing effect (known as apoptosis) in some people. I am a retired GP, and so have looked into it all.

    All good wishes. Sorry you have had a recurrence. Hope you are keeping well in spite of that. Yes, aspirin might have been connected with your long spell NED. Would be interested to hear how you are getting on.


    Eileen xxx

  • Hi Eileen

    I forgot to add that I am back on Carboplatin since Aug . Have had two. Didn't even get my CA125 count before I started but have asked for copies of all my blood tests for the future.

    Will let you know how it goes . I do like to think that maybe aspirin has been my secret weapon all along. It's something that I cannot discuss with my team as they just wouldn't want to know . They have remarked about how lucky I am to have such a long NED !

    I was upset that it returned but now that I have started treatment I am feeling positive again.

    Good luck again Eileen and as I said I have been reading your posts with great interest since I joined. Take care


  • Thank you, Molly. Sorry, have been away for a few days. Good luck with the treatment. Glad you are feeling positive. Yes, aspirin could be your secret weapon.

    E xxx

  • Hello Eileen

    So pleased to hear you are doing so well. I am still taking ibuprofen as messaged you before. My ca125 is staying stable at round about 60. I am still on watch and wait, which suits me. My last ct scan showed a slight increase in the size of my lymph nodes of 5mm. I feel fine, I intend to keep on taking the ibuprofen as I think it works for me.

    Love sue m. Xx

  • Thanks very much, Sue. Am glad that ibuprofen seems to be helping, and you are feeling fine. Have taken a note of your update for my records. If you could let me know in 6 months how you are doing that would be great.


    E xx

  • Will do Eileen.

    Love sue m xx

  • Brilliant Eileen, so glad it's still working for you. I'm on Olaparib and so not taking ibuprofen just now. I've been told it can raise creatinine levels and mine are already high! Xx

  • Thanks v much, Maggy. Yes, it can sometimes raise creatinine levels, so not a good idea in your case. Aspirin might be a possibility as 75mg is tiny dose. But you would need to ask your oncologist, as might be risky when on Olaparib. I am not an oncologist.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi Irene , im still in remission and still taking naproxen , a statin and metformin (off license) . Its over 2 years since I finished chemo . Pleased you doing so well. Did you ever get BRCA tested ? Its even more common in women with high grade PPC than ovarian cancer . I tested positive despite no known family history ( my Dad lived to 85 despite it ) and had bilateral preventative mastectomies with immediate reconstruction 12 months ago . Hope you still enjoying the hills x

  • I was tested for BRCA about 4 years ago, and was negative. You have been through the mill. Thanks for the update - will keep a note of that. Glad things still going so well for you. Yes, still enjoying hillwalking. Just back from excellent walking hol in the Spanish Pyrenees. Now collecting corbetts (hills over 2500 ft in Scotland)!

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Pleased you well and also tested BRCA negative . Hope you had a great time in Spanish pyrannes - we've walked there and really loved it . Just back from the Dolomites - also fantastic . Took my new boobs to Annapurna base camp in Nepal in April - pleased to say they didn't explode at high altitude or freeze solid ! Have taken to wearing thermal vests in the hills in winter though ! take care and was so pleased to hear you are well too , love Hilary X

  • Thanks Hilary. Great re Annapurna base camp xx

  • Hi Eileen,

    How many ibuprofen do you take a day? Is it 2 every 4 hours as per the box?

    Many thanks

  • Just answered you on my other post! Think you are referring to the 200mg tablets, which would be 2 tablets 3 times a day with food. But please see other reply I just did.

    E xx

  • Thank you sorry to pester, I thought maybe as an old post it didnt notify you :) xx

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