Good CA125 result, and new paper re aspirin suggesting all cancer patients should be offered it

Hi all.

Good news, my CA125 was 6 again last week.    This is pretty convincing that ibuprofen is effective (for me) as an anti-cancer drug.  I have been 16 months in remission now.   If you look at my previous posts you will see my full story.   My consultant now agrees that ibuprofen, like aspirin, and like some other anti-inflammatories, has an anti-cancer effect.

Here is a link to a paper last week on the evidence for aspirin as an anti-cancer agent.   It suggests that 75mg aspirin daily should be discussed with every cancer patient.

Best wishes to all.


Eileen x

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  • Great news - thanks for sharing xxx Trish

  • Thanks Trish.

    E xxx

  • So pleased for you.  I am taking ibrufen as you recommended  before.  My ca125 has stayed stable at 73 at my last two clinic reviews and my last ct scan has not shown much change.  I am on watch and wait. Previously it had risen to 85.  I think it is working for me too.

    Best wishes Sue m. Xx

  • Thanks Sue.   Pleased to hear you are doing well on ibuprofen too.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Thank you for keeping us updated,following your story with interest. x

  • Thanks.   Please take a look at the link re aspirin - it will open up if you click, even if it doesn't look complete.

    Best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • That's great news for you.  I intend to start on the ibuprofen or aspirin once the chemo is complete, two more cycles.  The hospital gave me ibuprofen to take home after my operation, although it's finished now.  I'll see what my oncologist says about the idea and unless she's absolutely anti, or gives me compelling reasons why not, I'm going to take it.   I'm not going to be given the Avastin now as I had such a good response to the chemo and the operation was such a success with no visible disease left, but a carcinosarcoma is at high risk of coming back within a year. Although I don't know whether it should be aspirin or ibuprofen, I should take. 

  • Probably aspirin is as good as ibuprofen.   It is just that ibuprofen has worked for me, and so I tend to favour it.   They work the same way, it appears.   Don't start anything without speaking to a doctor.   As a retired GP I would say that your GP is worth talking to first, maybe.   GPs in Scotland where I live are certainly very aware of aspirin's anti-cancer effect, maybe not so aware re ibuprofen.   I did it at first via GP, though I told the oncologist what I was doing.

    E xx

  • Hi Eileen - I've been told not to take any kind of NSAIDS because I'm on Avastin. Is there any sort of link in the way they function to stabilise cancer?

    Sandra x

  • Sorry, Sandra. I don't look at my emails that often. I am in no way an expert on Avastin, I am afraid, and so I don't know. I have a feeling others have been told they can take aspirin at least with Avastin, but am not sure. I guess you had better do as they say.


    Eileen x

  • That's interesting..I take Naproxen daily, hopefully it will also have this effect? Xx

  • I would think so, especially if you take it in a reasonable dose, like 250mg twice daily.   There is evidence for many anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) having this same effect.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi that's great news.I don't know if I can take aspirin as I suffer from a hiatus hernia and stomach ulcers.Do you think there is an alternative? Id love to try this Thanks for post Lynn xxx

  • It is difficult if you have these conditions.   You would need to discuss it with your GP or oncologist.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xxx

  • Thank you for your reply.I will discuss it with my oncologist when I see him next Love Lynnxx

  • Hi Eileen, glad you are doing well. I think by taking the Ibuprofen daily helped me to have such a long time on watch and wait before starting treatment in February.  I wasn't taking it at the time of the recurrence, it was about 6 months later that I started taking it.  I managed to get a further 18 months on watch and wait giving me 26 months in total treatment free.  Ann xo

  • Wow Eileen, indeed breaking news. I have fwd this to our onco for his take on it. 


  • Good.

    Best wishes.

    Eileen x

  • I mentioned Aspirin at my onc appointment last week, & was told that, though it could be useful in preventing cancers, she believed it didn't help those of us who already had cancer.  And she didn't rate Ibuprofen either.                                                                                              Di               

  • She is fairly ignorant, to be honest.   My oncologist was similar at first.   Take a look at that article and read to the end.   I know bits are technical, but the conclusions are worth getting to and taking in.   I am talking as a retired GP, and there is plenty of evidence out there, though more research needs to be done.   As someone else has done above, I suggest you email your oncologist with that link or article, and/or print out the article for them.   You will see from my earlier posts that the evidence is out there in genuine medical research.   Cancer Research UK is very conservative in its advice, sadly.

    Eileen x

  • PS you should tell her my full story.  Sept 2009 PPC stage 3. CA125 2000.  went into full remission after the usual surgery and chemo.   Recurrence in 6 months.  full remission after chemo, last dose March 2011.  Told would very likely have a shorter remission the 2nd time, ie less than 6 months, as remissions usually get shorter and shorter.  Started taking diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory, for a chronic hamstring problem shortly after chemo.   Read about aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories, particularly article re ibuprofen maybe preventing spread of cancer in cancer patients (on cancer research uk website).   Had by this time stopped diclofenac 3 weeks before, but talked to my GP and started taking ibuprofen regularly since then in hope it would prevent recurrence.

     In full remission for 2.5 years, but during that period was off ibuprofen for 10.5 weeks March to May 2013.   CA125 started rising slowly 5 months after that spell off ibuprofen, ie from Oct 2013. June 2014 - had 3rd course of chemo, giving full remission again, in Dec 2014 after chemo, amazingly.  In full remission since then with neg CT scan.   My oncologist now agrees that ibuprofen and similar including aspirin has an anti-cancer effect in some cancer patients.    The research is ongoing, very slowly.

    Personally I am amazed at how ibuprofen has worked for me.   I did not expect it to, but thought would give it a go, as the outlook was not good, and my GP agreed.   You can get the full story in my biography by clicking on drdu.

    Eileen x

  • You have mentioned to someone else though that aspirin doesn't clear a recurrence.  I have recurrent GCT, 4 metastases.           Di        

  • No, I am afraid it is not strong enough to clear a recurrence, and nor are ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories.   If a recurrence has been treated (eg by chemo) and full remission has occurred, ie no evidence of disease on CT scan, then the evidence is that it may prevent a recurrence, or delay it for a good while.  That is where it sems to have the best effect, for some cancer patients anyway (as you will see from the paper it appears to depend on what mutations have occurred in the tumour).   It appears that it can deal with a few cancer cells in the body and keep them in control/kill them, but it can't treat established cancer in the body, except that I suspect it slows up spread of the cancer for a while.

    But chemotherapy is the main line of treatment along with surgery.   Aspirin/NSAIDs is no alternative to conventional treatment.

    The main point of giving aspirin/NSAIDs is  to patients who have had all the initial treatment, and gone into a full remission with no evidence of disease on CT scan, in the hope that it will prevent relapse, either permanently or for many years.

    But it may be useful as an adjunct to conventional treatment in patients with some metastases, in holding back spread.

    No, in your case it may not do a lot, I am afraid, as your oncologist says.   It might help a little, but maybe not.  I don't know all your medical history.  I would only say it is possible aspirin/NSAID might help a little.  When I talk about people who have cancer, I mean those who have had it but are in full remission.   In those cases, it appears to prevent recurrence in some cancer patients, like myself.   I realise I am fortunate, and just want to spread the info to others.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xxx

  • Got a couple of checks coming up,I will ask my onc and post,very interesting

    Carole xx

  • Good.   Oncologists need some pressure put on them.

    Eileen xx

  • Wonderful to hear you're doing so well.  Vx

  • Thanks Victoria.

    E xx

  • Hi Eileen

    I have been taking Nuseals Aspirin 75mg for many years before Cancer diagnosis. I was taken off it just after diagnosis and before I started chemo. As its anti clotting I am only guessing that it was in case I had an operation . I can't remember when I went back on it but I am guessing it was after I completed treatment when I would be back to the care of my GP. I have read this information some time ago and I wondered if it was the reason I have had nearly 5 years disease free from PPC stage 3c. However just recently I was told that swollen lymph nodes may mean it's return . I read the info on the link you referred to but it does say on that, that taking aspirin before diagnosis would not have the same effect and would not make a difference. I was a bit disappointed by that as I have been wondering for quite a while if that is the reason for the delay in my recurrence. It is all very interesting and exciting though. I wouldn't say the pharmaceutical companies would be dancing with joy if they thought that the cheap little simple aspirin was the secret to a breakthrough in Cancer treatment !  Let me know of any further info. The very best of luck for a long remission 


  • Thanks very much, Molly.   Aspirin may well have delayed recurrence, I would have thought.   Yes, will be in touch with this website if any progress re research.   I believe if you become a follower of me you will hear if I have posted anything.

    And all best wishes to you.

    Eileen xxx

  • PS you are right about the pharmaceutical companies!   They would still be needed, but maybe not as much as before, hopefully.

    E xx

  • Great to hear you are doing well, my oncologist is totally against it,   However I am doing okay apart from some hip inflammation not due to Cancer.   I take Ginger root in Juice and I believe that has helped me stay reasonably well,    I take the odd Naproxen for pain for him and my oncologist recommended Tramadol.    So waiting on reports to go back to gp and see what he decides to do with me ie Rheumatologist  or anti inflammatories

  • Thanks Suzuki.

    Frankly am not impressed with your oncologist.   I will probably get drummed off this site for that, but oncologists seem to be a very conservative bunch.  As I said to others, show him/her that article, and the conclusions at the end, that every cancer patient should be considered for aspirin treatment.   Of course I know nothing of your medical history, but most people can take aspirin or an anti-inflammatory if their stomach is protected by omeprazole 20mg daily for example.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • When I brought up the subject, he said that while taking aspirin can help to prevent disease, he had read no papers that suggested that aspirin or ibuprofen were effective for any one with recurrence,  However this article is a fairly new one and I will approach the subject again when I see him in a month or so,  Thank you

  • You are welcome.   It just came out last week.  My son-in-law, who is a hospital doctor, spotted it.   Good luck.

    Eileen xx

  • PS He is right that it will not clear a recurrence on its own;  it might just slow up tumour growth a bit.   To clear a recurrence something stronger like chemotherapy is needed.   It is more to prevent recurrence, after chemotherapy or similar, when there is no evidence of disease, that aspirin and ibuprofen and the like may well be effective, and ibuprofen seems to be doing that in my case.

    E x

  • Thanks Eileen for the great info .very encouraging and thanks for sharing article . I take ibuprofen for back pain .just curious as to what dose you take?thanks

  • You are welcome.   Glad to help.   I take ibuprofen 400mg 3 times a day, and omeprazole 20mg daily to protect the stomach.

    Eileen xx

  • Do you take the full daily dose of 400mg TDS ? X

  • Yes, see above.   And omeprazole.   It is risky to take ibuprofen longterm without something like omeprazole to protect the stomach.

    Eileen xx

    PS( for the non-medical)  tds means 3 times a day.

  • I was diagnosed in Aug 2015. With a CA125 count of 1120Had 6 rounds of chemo and debulk surgery. I'm now on Avastin for 16 rounds. My CA125 was 17 before surgery. 23 3 weeks ago and today it was 28. Do you think the ibuprofen will help me? I'm really concerned about this although my oncologist doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. 

    Tia  Asma x

  • I really can't say, Asma, as I am not your doctor, and don't know all about your medical history, plus you are on Avastin.   You would need to discuss it with your oncologist.   He/she might be more willing to consider aspirin than ibuprofen.   Your CA125 is the main thing to keep an eye on.   If it started shooting up then aspirin/ibuprofen wouldn't do a great deal to control it.   Hopefully this is just a blip, but I can understand your worry.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Something else to talk to my oncologist about the 3rd of May. Glad it has improved things for you.

  • Good luck, and best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi Eileen, hope you don't mind my bringing up this thread again. I've been taking Ibuprofen throughout chemo as it is the only drug that touches pain. I take Omeprazole too. My 6th chemo is tomorrow - had my debulking in April where all but less than 1cm of disease was taken away. My last CA125 was fairly high (300s) but told that this was likely down to inflammation as I was still pretty raw from the op. I'm hopeful of a reduction tomorrow. Should I continue with the Ibuprofen beyond chemo or talk to the oncologist first?



  • I don't know all about your medical history, but read your post yesterday. I really don't like advising ibuprofen when I don't know your full medical history, but discuss it with your GP or oncologist. Probably it wouldn't do any harm to carry on with ibuprofen and omeprazole, but you should let the doctors know you are doing that. Sorry about your chemo delay.

    Good luck with everything, and all bestwishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi Eileen,

    Yes my GP is prescribing Ibuprofen and Omeprazole and the Oncology team are ok with that. (I checked yesterday) It really is the only painkiller that does anything for me. x

  • Excellent. Sorry I didn't reply before.

    Best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Excellent reading .. can anyone point me in the direction of info on taking Ibroprofen please? Probably seeing my Oncologist soon and would like to see what she thinks. x

  • If you look at my first few posts, that gives you a lot of info re ibuprofen, aspirin and other anti-inflammatories. I can only talk from personal experience, but cancer research uk are doing a large trial with aspirin. I got my original info from cancer research uk, as you will see from my previous posts. Just click on my name, and you should get access to all my posts.

    My CA125 was again excellent last month, at 7.

    All best wishes.

    E x

  • hello Dr.Du,it's been 9mos now after my last chemo for OC 3C. my ca125 last week was 195 compared to 38 last May. ultrasound showed tumor implants in my right lateral wall parietal peritonial. my onc is recommending HE4 test to correlate with ca125 and is suggesting possible recurrence. can i take aspirin while waiting for the results?

  • I really don't know all your medical history at all, and so it is best to discuss it with your GP. Sorry have been away on a walking holiday in Spain.

    Best wishes.

    E xx

  • Thanks for your reply. Im following your posts, been wanting to start aspirin but have no go signal from onc. if its just 75mg once a day, perhaps it's worth taking the risk. however, from what i have read, it might trigger heart attack once you stop taking it?

    G :)

  • I think triggering a heart attack is unlikely, especially if your heart has been fine up to now. What about asking your GP? They are often a bit more open-minded than oncologists, and know all about your medical history.

    Best wishes.

    E xx

  • Hello Eileen,

    This is a very interesting subject.

    I was DX Aug 2015 Stage 3 Mucinous ovca Grade 3 with Ca125 of 246. Only managed 2 infusions of carboplatin due to toxicities.

    Now one year on - Ca125 of 6 and a clear CT.

    I have been taking alot of painkillers over the last year for other reasons, Ibuprofen mainly and also tramadol. I expected to already be in recurrence by now and wonder if this could be the reason why i'm not.

    Also, I'm thinking that as mucinous ovca behaves more like colorectal cancers should I start taking aspirin instead before I get a recurrence? I've read info, from CR UK I think, that recommends aspirin as a preventative to the over 50's for bowel cancer.

    I find my oncologists are not willing to discuss anything other than standard therapy, which is so frustrating, i've just been told to expect it to come back within the first 24 months.

    Can I also ask if you are still in remission?

    Thanks for any info,


  • Yes, am still in remission. CA125 was 7 last month. Yes, either ibuprofen 400mg 3 times a day with or after food, or aspirin 75mg daily would be worth trying. Yes, taking the ibuprofen could have helped prevent recurrence. I am convinced it has worked for me, as you will see from my story. Would very strongly recommend that you try either of those, don't think it matters which. It is safest to take omeprazole 20mg daily, or similar to prevent irritation of the stomach due to ibuprofen or aspirin. Omeprazole is essential with ibuprofen anyway. Best to discuss with your GP as I do not know your full medical history.

    Best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply and congrats on your remission!

    I'm due another blood test to check if kidney function has improved as chemo caused stage 3 ckd.

    So, I will check with GP if it is ok to take aspirin.

    Thanks again,

    Amanda x

  • Yes, aspirin would be safer if you have stage 3 ckd. If you start aspirin, could you possibly let me know how you are doing in 6 months time? I am trying to do a survey of Ovacome patients who are taking aspirin or ibuprofen or similar. I have a list of about 17 names, and am trying to review them every 6 months. See a previous post I did in January, I think. So would be glad to hear from you in 6 months.

    Please send me a personal message if you prefer.

    All the best.

    Eileen xx

  • Yes, I will let you know.


    All the best to you too.

    Amanda x

  • Thanks xx

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