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Still in treatment since August 2015. Any advise?

Hi all.

I am in my 2nd recurrence and started chemo in August last year. So far I have tried many chemos but they all didn't work.

I had (1) Doxil single agent (2) carbo/gemzar (3) gemzar/Cytoxan and carbo/taxol. I had to stop due to severe allergy to taxol.. That was in July 2016. . I tried getting into another hospital. Long story short the transferring to another hospital took me almost 2 months and my stomach developed fluid and had to be drained last week. Just after 2 days my stomach is huge and bloated again and the fluid must be back

I'm starting chemo tomorrow back at my previous hospital with taxotere and oxiplatin. It seems I only have 20% chance of chemos working since I've been on so many chemo combos and for such a long time. I feel very sad. Not sure if I'm going to suffer dying with pain from cancer or chemos

Does anyone have any experience, advise or motivation to tell? Hoping for some light on this long road of darkness

Wishing everyone has a blessed life


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Poor poor you must be feeling ghastly .Ascites draws down liquid and nutrients and creates imbalances which add to your discomfort . The chemo you have been on are all DNA targeted and for some reason or other , your cells are avoiding the firestorm . Have you discussed what sort of cells you ' 've got ? You do need the lines of fire discussed with you ....and why they keep changing them ? CA 125 not going down ? Or allergies ? Exhaustion takes over , I know , and you feel you cannot go on with it all . You must let the nurses know how dreadful you feel in all respects and get help during next few days . You seem so desperate which is completely understandable ...but you have to be a partner with your care team or they can't help you .

Hope you get some comfort , and are made more comfrtable soon x

There are more drugs and trials ...don't hang up the boxing gloves yet .


I feel the same, but slightly different story. You get told of the next treatment and store up your faith, then also get told it may not work and maybe there is a clinical trial that can be used next. All the while your abdomen gets more and more uncomfortable and eating/ drinking is such a chore. It's hard not to think about "what if nothing works" or that is it worth all the chemo effects. I guess as all the others ladies say, get out more and spend time with people/ places you love, even if it's from a wheel chair.

It may help to engage a Phycologist/ shrink....may be they can also help us through the dark thoughts. I hate the way my poor hubby is falling apart and there is nothing I can do to make him feel better.

I hope you find the strength, you never know what tomorrow will bring...the next drug may be the one to work and give a long remission!

I really wish you well and send hugs



Hi Green, I don't have experience of where you are at the moment but we are all rooting for you and who knows as Elaine says the next drug maybe the one that gets you into a remission, I truly hope so. Sending you a big hug. All my thoughts are with you. Kathy xx


Which cell type do you have?

LA xx


Hi Greensnow,

I too don't have experience of where you are,but, I just think they have to get your mix right,I too had fluid big time, I know how you must feel as my case was hopeless for a while,but you must sit down with your team and work out a plan of action.

Nothing is hopeless and you must fight this thing for all its worth, as we all know the waiting is the worst,but when you have a plan it is worth fighting for,

Let us know how you get on

Carole xxx


Dear GreenSnow

Please don't give up on this as there has to be an answer. Have you been dealing with this alone ? I had the experience of going to all my appts on my own for 5 years and realised only this year that everyone needs someone to fight their corner. I was intimidated and finally brought my sister in law along after I recurred. What a difference that made.

Sorry if I am assuming something that is not the case . I know that I did not want to worry my family and my friends didn't live near me. I had the same experience of waiting months for a second opinion despite a CT scan showing it had returned.

Don't take no for an answer and if you are taking someone with you make sure they have a good understanding of your condition and what's out there with regard to treatment. The best of luck.


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Hi, change doctors and look for someone that specializes in your type of cancer. A second opinion is an option.


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