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Hey all!

I'm Amanda! I have now stage 3 cancer that metastasis to a lymph node in my lower back and chest. So far I had 4 taxol and carbo chemos out of 6. The first 2 chemos I had horrid reactions, first time I had a PE which had me stay a couple days in the hospital and the 2nd chemo I caught shingles, I still have scars on my neck and face. Though the most recent chemo had little to no reaction. Just wanted to say hey to everyone!

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  • Hey to you too Amanda. An exclusive club is this so welcome! I had PEs as well but they're ok now thanks to deltaparin injections. I hope you find this forum a comfort and source of info - I did and do. Good luck with the remaining 2 chemos.... are you having any surgery?

    Take care and stay strong.


  • Hey! Yeah I am on injections also, not my favorite thing haha! Thanks I'm way too excited to get this over with. No surgery but we are talking more after my last chemo. We were talking about being put on a chemo pill possibly. It's up in the air right now.

  • Well, welcome Amerhige7725 to our group. While none of us really want to be a part of OC we are thrilled to have each other and be able to support one another. Sounds like you have had quite a time with side effects. Hoping things calm down for you and head in the right direction.

  • Thanks for the welcome party! I feel so welcomed haha. 😊 Yes they calmed down quite a bit which makes it more manageable. I can at least get through it now.

  • Hi

    Welcome to the party, this is an amazing place with lots of love and support from some wonderful people. You are in the right place

    LA xx

  • Thank you so much! My families really supportive just they don't understand what I'm going through so I hope to connect with woman who know how I feel.

  • Amanda what kind of stage 3 cancer? DiD PE happen during your treatment?

  • Well I now have stage 4 since it traveled to a couple lymph nodes. And yes it did. My chemo nurse said it's probably the avastin.

  • Hi Amanda,Carbo/Taxol can be a hard line and you seem to have been through the hard part so I hope that the remainder 2 treatments are a lot kinder to you , and your team have the best treatment plain in place for you..Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Hello Amanda. You have had a hard start in your treatment journey. I hope things improve for you. Welcome to this marvelous group.

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