How can I get relief for ascites?

I was diagnosed very quickly with Stage 4 peritoneal cancer in March 2016. Did 6 treatments of Taxol/Carbol. Worked for abt 12 weeks then stopped. Main symptom ascites. Now on Gemzar. Worse side effects and no relief of ascites. Dr is going to drain ascites if it's not down by next week. I had such high hopes for this treatment now I'm so disappointed. Very depressed.

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  • Hi there

    They drained most of my ascites before chemo and told me the chemo would take care of the rest . It did. I am glad they are doing that for you as you will be more comfortable and feel normal. I wish you all the best.


  • am in same position. regretfully. they've installed a semi-perm. drain in me which we drain at home.....began 2 nd course of chemo ....still draining out 7-1000 ccs every 2-3 days. no end in sight.....that i know about. but its painless skipping chemo for 6 wks just cant manage it .....sorry not to be more hopeful....

  • Hi, i had ascites. I kept having it drained. It finally stopped after second lot of chemo. I take tamoxifen at the moment. I have ca125 checked every 3 months. It is stable .

  • I was diagnosed with 3C peritoneal carcinomatosis from OC Nov 2015. They drained ascites twice in 4 days, then gave me carbo/taxol for 4 months, then radical open abdominal hysterectomy, removed my spleen, appendix, 14" of sigmoid colon, resected my bladder, ablated my diaphragm, removed a tumor from my kidney, gave me a temp colostomy, implanted abdominal port, gave me IP chemo cisplatin/taxol, then 18 weeks of dose dense weekly carbo/taxol. Ascites went away after initial chemo before surgery and has not cone back. Just finished chemo, getting CAT scan next week. I am sending you positive energy hoping they will find the right treatment for you. I am surprised that I am alive. Do not give up. With love. Tesla

  • Crikey Tesla...that's some surgery, I hadn't realised :-/ Much love to you xx

  • I really sympathise with you. Ascites is the bane of my life having it drained every week - between 8 and 4.5 litres each time. It makes you feel so poorly and need to spend a full day in hospital for the drain. My consultant keeps saying it will stop after the next treatment and Im not as worried that it hasn't now having read the experiences of you ladies. We have a crunch meeting with my doctor tomorrow and this will definitely be on the agenda. Best of luck Ruby x

  • I'm so sorry to read this & that you're feeling so low. I do hope that your medical team get on top of all this for you as I can't imagine how uncomfortable you must be feeling. This disease doesn't half kick you when you're down. Sending you a huge, gentle ((hug)). Jemima xx

  • Mine was drained can they not drain yours? They don't do it for small amounts but if it's very uncomfortable they should be able to do it.

  • I had stage 3 peritoneal cancer. I had ascites also and an iliostomy. It is reversible but I'm not going to have it reversed. With this kind cancer which is reoccurring I don't dare have it reversed. I've been on taxol and carbo and also took tamoxifen. Now I'm on a maintenance chemotherapy called avastin. My 125 level is slowly going up so the Dr. is going to add another treatment to go with the avastin. Can't think of the name of it. Hope you feel better soon.

  • For all the brave women who sometimes feel there is no hope!!!! I was diagnosed with metastatic peritoneal carcinomatosis 3C OC with ascites 11/20/15. I have had primary chemo, interval debulking with radical open hysterectomy/salpingo oophorectomy/resected bladder, 14" of large colon removed/temp colostomy, splenectomy, appendectomy, an ablated diaphragm, kidney tumors removed, intraperitoneal chemo and dose dense chemo.

    I completed chemo Aug. 10, just had a CAT scan that showed no evidence of cancer, a low normal CA 125 level and now I will be having surgery to reconnect my colon Sept. 12, 2016. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT MY DISEASE WAS INITIALLY TERMED "INOPERABLE". I am now fine. I feel fantastic. If this disease reoccurs I will be ready to fight it again. Like all of us, I pray that I am CURED. I have now been given more TIME to live my life, to make a positive difference in someone else' life and to enjoy my beloved friends and family. So, please, know there is help. Know that it's worth fighting hard to be given more time on the planet.

    Initially, I spent days googling my diagnosis. It was devastating. I could find no evidence of survival from what I had-- so for all the newly diagnosed women, please understand that the data you find on the internet may not help you. Most of it is out of date. It's good to learn about your disease, but important to understand that what you need is the latest, most recent studies, which can frequently be found on BioMedical Publications. Most importantly, find the best gynecologic oncologist available. The quality of your surgery is a predictor of your outcome. With love for all of you. This journey is unpredictable and we need each other to stay strong. Tesla

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