Recurring ascites

Hi everyone, I joined a few months ago, my mum was diagnosed with stage IIIC OC in June, and has suffered with recurring ascites. She has tried one chemo but has now shown to be intrinsically platinum resistant, and I am wondering if anyone is able to confirm what I suspect? I suspect that as with previous chemo that didn't work, ascites is an indicator that this chemo also is not working. She had chemo (taxol) just two days ago and ascites is starting again. We saw her consultant on Monday who stated that the ascites just three weeks ago indicated that the cancer was progressing despite chemo. Do any of you have any insights? Thank you!

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  • Try not to worry. There are still lots of chemos that your mother can try. I guess you are based in Australia? There are lots of good hospitals there - you can always ask for a second opinion. Please try to help your mother maintain an optimistic attitude, and do all you can to help her persevere. Even if she is platinum resistant, there are options that may well help her. Best wishes, Vxxx

  • Thanks for your reply...mum lives in Lincoln, I have come home from Australia for a few weeks to give support as my parents are struggling emotionally.

  • I see. Where is she being treated? There is a cancer treatment centre in Leeds, that has an international reputation. I'd suggest you call the Ovacome advice line this morning. I'll find it and post the link. Best, Vxx

  • It's 0845 371 0554 - it's run by specialist nurses and is an excellent source of information on OC treatment in the UK. Best wishes and please let us know how you get on, Vxxx

  • Thank you! Angela x

  • Hi there... I don't really know whether the ascites so soon after chemo means that your Mum is platinum resistant but this is what your Mum's oncologist is saying in this case. I'm not sure how long it takes to have an effect. There are other treatments available which your Mum may be able to have. You didn't say what the regime is. Is she having carboplatin and Taxol or is it just Taxol? There are probably questions you Mum would want to ask her oncologist but people sometimes like to ask them when they feel ready. Do you know what kind of Ovarian your Mum has? There are a number of sub-types and they're increasingly being treated in different ways. We're on the edge of getting individualised treatments but it's some way off yet. I really hope your Mum feels a little more comfortable soon... take good care. Love Tina x x

  • Hi Tina, the oncologist told us on Monday she was platinum resistant. She also has the complication of having prior bowel surgery which means she can't take a standard combination of carboplatin and taxol. She tried carboplatin first which halted the ascites for a couple of weeks but the tumours kept growing. She is now on taxol alone, has had two doses of this,. Her tumours are in ovary, stomach lining, with clusters in bowel and attached to the liver. The stomach linkng one is a very larhe mass. Surgery is not possible at this stage. Given that the oncologist thought ascites recurrence indicated more disease progression, she is terrified that more ascites means that this chemo regime too is failing. I have a feeling this is really not good, I won't share any bad news with mum unless she asks, so any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks, Angela

  • Hi Angela .. Vicky has listed a number for Ovacome who may be able to guide you in the right direction. Taxol isn't a platinum based drug so the issue of platinum resistance is being addressed. Taxol isn't the only non-platinum drug and there are other treatments in the background. My own unusual type has few treatment options but for the majority of women, there are inhibitors and hormone treatments too. It's not an easy disease to deal with and I've run the gamet of emotions over the last few years so I can understand what your Mum must be feeling. It's a hard disease for the family and close friends to cope with too. It must be hard for you living so far away but you're with her now and I'm sure that must be helping you all. You're with friends here .. Love Tina x x

  • I was going to say, it might be a good idea to relog this post after ticking the members only box so who sees it is restricted, love Tina x x

  • Hi,

    I did have surgery with pretty much the same conditions as your Mom, get another opinion about that.

    . As far as the ascites, I too, have OC that is platinum resistant, have been controlling it for over 9 years now. I have the ascites,fluid, just drained occassionaly, along with plural effusion, fluid around lungs. I have been stage 4, metasticised, and been controlling it very well, living a good life. I have taxol still every two weeks. There are so many different chemos, I've had 7 already over the years. Remember, this is not a death sentences, it is a chronic disease that can be controlled--it will just take time to hit the right regimen. My ascitites actually have been dissapearing over the last 12 months being on just taxol. Time...

  • Thank you for this, it helps! Mum has headed back into hospital to be drained yet again, last time two weeks ago, following chemo only three days ago. Thank you for the reminder that this is not a death sentence!

  • Also, I forgot to mention regarding surgery she has been advised that at this point it is not operable, with the hope that eventually the tumours will shrink particularly on the bowel to enable surgery. As a result she has a very large visible mass in addition to the others around liver, bowel etc.

  • I still would definitely get another opinion. Very Important. My surgery included bowel, etc. But had an aggressive and great surgeon. I was on Taxol weekly and now it is every other week. The chemo will do it's job in time, and also remember, dozens of chemos. If the draining gets painful, My thora's did, then they can give her conscious sedation during the procedure. That's what I do after all this time. Have to request and demand.

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