Full steam ahead

Good morning ladies, hope you are all as well as can be. What a whilwind week, shock news of cancer return and surgery not possible at present straight on the chemo train started first infusion carbo taxol Tuesday now three days on not too bad, got new pain regime from my lovely hospice nurse, got new eyebrows thanks to my gorgeous daughter and pixie crop ready for the great hair migration, I feel ready to do battle again what a difference a week makes sending you all lots of good wishes and positive vibes. Ann

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  • All the very best, Ann. You sound like you're facing everything head-on. The only way to go! x

  • Fingers cross for you Ann! Enjoy you hair cut and new eyebrows 😊

    Have a great weekend x

  • Hello Ann, this is a very bright and uplifting post, I think once we start the treatment we get a sense of purpose, I wish you well. Glad you got the eyebrows ready and I love the idea of hair going into migration haha, well done for making us smile. Best wishes

  • All the best true warrior xxx

  • I love the support group here in Ecuador. We are starting a wholistic

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  • Hi Ann, that sounds like good fighting talk. Positive mental attitude. Go beat it again babe!!!!

  • Dear Ann,

    Kick its butt - hard.

    All the best

    Debs xxx

  • Well done for your positive attitude. Not easy to keep hold of some days I know. So glad you've got the eyebrows ready. Wish I'd done the same the times I've lost hair. They are almost non existent at the moment as I'm on taxol again but hair grown a little as they had to reduce the dose a few weeks ago. good luck with it all and long may you keep your eyebrows

    Love Francesca x

  • Hi Ann,

    Bit late I know, but wish you all the best, pixie cut is the way to go! My 25 year old son shaved my head amongst tears and laughter and I had many a happy moment trying out my new pencilled eyebrows,they still haven't returned to their utmost 18 months after end of chemo, but the hair on the head is good.

    You know you are a strong lady and we all have so much to live for, so gather your strength and go for it!

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

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