My Wife Went Ahead With Chemo

Hi everyone,

My wife decided that it was worth having her chemo after all. As you know we have been discussing it for days and she thought the body is not prepared to let her go yet so anything that can help manage symptoms has to be good. We continue to take things one day at a time and have talked to our two sons about the reality of the situation and she has certainly found peace the past few days and not fearful of the future as previously. We found being as honest as we can with the important people in our lives makes things that bit easier. but the conversations can be hard.

All the best


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  • Yaay! Good for her and you! Hope it all goes well for you xxLyndall

  • I'm so glad that you supported your lovely wife and that she made the decision that was right for her. It's so hard on our wonderful partners' and I don't doubt the stress you are also under. Having a real and honest conversation and being able to say what you both feel is so very important, when I was diagnosed I asked my husband to just listen to me when I shared my fears and not to immediately tell me that 'everything will be alright' , to just let me talk and if need be to ask what he could do to help. That conversation really helped us both. They are hard conversations as you say however our friends and families need to realise and understand that things can't always be ok. Prayers for your wife that she continues to feel peaceful and at peace with her beloved family. Prayers also for you and your sons,.


  • I hope all went well today and that your wife isnt feeling too under the weather. I think you get the energy to have the treatment when you consider the other option. Do spend the nice days outside if you can of course depending on your wifes ability to do something to distract her from the Chemo. A different aspect or focus is good.

  • I am glad that your wife is going to continue with her treatment, she has a wonderful husband and he has a wonderful wishes

  • Deep respect for you both, and so glad to hear that your wife has reached such a strong place in herself. Enjoy the moment - sunshine, flowers, anything, really, that makes you joyful. With love xxx

  • Many thanks for letting us know and all best wishes to you all. xx

  • Really pleased for you both. Hope she has lots of good days and few bad days. On my bad days I used to tell myself it was the chemo fighting the cancer and the worse I felt, the more success it was having. Silly, but it helped me 😉 I think the sadness thinking about leaving our families is one of the hardest things to come to terms with.

    Love to you both, Solange. 😊

  • I'm so pleased foir you all. Your wife has taken ownership of this cancer now Anne she's going to call the shots. Well done that woman!

    Yes, thoise conversations are difficult. Don't be surprised hoiwever if people haven't really taken in what you said.

    Hope her treatment goes well. Ann xo

  • Thinking of you all and hoping her treatment goes well. xx

  • you sound like a wonderful husband. warm best wishes to you and your wife at this difficult time for you and your family. and happy upcoming birthday to your wife!

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