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Carbo side effects?

Hi there

I've had four chemos of carbo/ taxol followed by ultra radical surgery which was successful ! I now have three chemos to go , the first one was only carboplatin and gave me worse side effects than the two together extreme nauseous for four days in fact. Anyone else experiencing this ? Also ended up with a stoma what to people find their issues with this are during chemo ? Xx

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It sounds like you've had a rough time recently. Have you told your chemo unit about the nausea? I'm sure they could adjust your anti-sickness tablets accordingly.

Funnily enough, when I had a round of carbo only, it was like I hadn't had chemo at all! I felt absolutely fine- then panicked that it wasn't working properly.

I think I've been fairly lucky in terms of side effects. The worst I've had is terrible constipation (never known anything like it), but I have been neutropenic twice and have ended up hospitalised in an isolation room. Annoyingly, I didn't feel unwell at all so felt more like a caged animal. The nurses were amused to regularly find me marching around the room or stretching.


You are at exactly the same stage I am. I had 4 carbo/taxol, then extensive ultra radical surgery, and have had 1 carbo only since the op. My side effects with the carbo only were sickness. I thought it was going to be easier just having one. How wrong was I.

I too have an ileostomy but it didn't change anything when I had chemo. Was a bit runny output because on my sick days I didn't eat much but no problems with leakage or anything.

Have u got two more carbo left then? I just had mine cancelled but should hopefully get it next week.

Have u recovered from the op, how long ago was it. I'm still getting back ache which is really doing my head in now. I just want it gone and to get a lot more mobile.

Hope you not feeling too bad at the moment. Take care,

Mandy, xx

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Can't comment about the chemo as I had both all the way through. I also had a stoma,since reversed,I had it from the very beginning of treatment as tumour pressing on the bowel. The output was rather runny at first but settled down. Stoma nurses were wonderful and always available to answer questions. Gave mine the name of Stanley,not very original I know, but somehow helped me deal with it all. Had great conversations with it in the shower! Stanley rather than Sheila as mine definitely had male characteristics!!! Hope your side effects settle down. You're nearly there! Wishing you all the best xx


Thanks for that - I've found my stoma is settling down a bit certainly a pattern now which helps! Not sure about naming it though😀 X


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