Kidney stent change

Hi Ladies I'm having my kidney stent changed tomorrow and must admit not looking forward to it, I don't have many problems when the stent is in but the procedure is sore and afterwards is very sore, I am having a GA this time so I'm hoping it will be a better experience, has anyone had this procedure? How were you after the procedure?

Wishing you all well



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  • Hi Karen, I havent had the procedure but it does sound sore but having a ga you should recover better from it. Make sure you get plenty pain relief. I wish you well for tomorrow,

  • Thank you xxx

  • Karen - I can't offer any words of wisdom but I am wishing you all the best for your procedure tomorrow & hope it goes smoothly & you're not too sore afterwards. ((Hugs)) Jemima xx

  • Thank you, it was better with a GA don't feel too sore but will take it easy for a few days xx

  • Hello. I don't know, didn't know they got changed. Did something go wrong with it? A GA sounds good though. I didn't have any problems when mine was put in except a painful allergic reaction to the dressing, but it was a two stage procedure so a bit slow. I presume they will change yours in one go? How long will you be in for?

    All the best, Lesley

  • Hi Lesley GA was definitely better and I don't feel too sore this time, no nothing went wrong but was told by renal team and oncologist stents get changed every 6--12months. Yes had it all changed and new one in today so I'm just glad it's over now.

    Thank you xxx

  • Thanks, I'll have to ask the docs about that as no-one's mentioned it. Glad it was better under GA.

  • Hi Karen

    I have two kidney stents and must admit the first time I had them put in was really painful I had constant back pain and wanting to go loo every two hours . Had them changed recently under GA and was a better experience my back was sore for. Few days afterwards and it hurts first time you wee just stings a bit these stents are so much better still have sight back pain but no where near as bad. They are due to be changed in March and they have said to try the metal ones as hey don't need changing so frequently just once a year as aposed to every 3 -4 months . Good luck you'll be fine


  • Hi Maureen thank you for replying, having the procedure under a GA was much better less painful to, I'll ask about the metal ones next time I think.

    I am a bit sore when going for a wee but it's tolerable.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Hi Karen i Had my stent changed under ga should have been just a day surgery but they kept me in overnight all I had was passing a bit of blood a couple of days and then back to normal after that no pain etc so I hope yours is the same best wishes Yvonne.

  • Thanks Yvonne it was much better and with less pain under a GA just a but sore now which is fine,

    Wishing you all the best


  • Hi ive got stent in my right kidney had one in each at start treatment in 2015.. had left one taken out last year and still got right one in was due to be changed this month but was keeping in as still havin chemo but i asked when went early dec if they were taking right one out as kidney's are working at 88% which doc said it brilliant so why leaving it in i dont no said prob just change it... as not avin any probs with it get aches in back sometimes but each time ad mine done GA and in/out hospital same day.. bit sore down below but bearable.. all the best i will have pleasure mine done early feb

  • Hi yes Having it under a GA was much better, less pain a but sore now when I go for a wee but tolerable, I will be asking for the same thing next time!

    Mine got changed after 9 months and today medical team said it would be 9 months next time, like you I don't have too many problems with it whic is great.

    Wishing you all the best take care and thanks for replying


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