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Caelyx next


I seem to be platinum resistant now. Having reacted to carboplatin and having had 6 rounds of cisplatin, I am to start caelyx next week. So any experience or advice would be useful. I did read up on it a while ago and it seems that some women sail through with few effects while some have severe side effects. I have had bad nausea with other chemo regimes so I'll be surprised if I don't get that but who knows ? The others have been platinum based and this is different so I may be lucky.

I was very low when I found that after the horrors of cisplatin and shrinkage at midway it had started growing again and is now on my liver. But then I received a reminder of my holiday - a certificate for a mammal identification weekend that I did in the middle, in Scotland, and I got a distinction. In was ridiculously pleased, it's only a basic course but I did enjoy it, and the rest of my holiday.

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For me this was the best one I have had and led a normal life, I had Caelyx and Carboplatin together and managed to do DIY such as building new decking on my own and also a large arbour in the garden amongst other things. I felt great but this year I am on Gemzar and feel rough but am managing to survive and my tumours are stable and have been since March but I am on a high dose of it. I keep positive all the time because I feel this is the only way to try and beat this enemy for as long as I can. I have been stage 4 from the beginning over two and a half years ago and will keep going as long as I can.

Hope this helps and you do not have any side effects but we are all different and congratulations on your certificate.

Keep smiling and a big hug.



Thank you that's just what I need now, hope that it'll be ok this time. And I'm extremely impressed by your DIY skills.

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Hi. I was on Caelyx on the first cycle I did have nausea which was soon sorted out with stronger antisicknes, I had skin discolouration to. I went about my normal day and carried on working et. There are llots of women on here who had good results from Caelyx so good luck xx


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