Wonderful wildness!!!

Wonderful wildness!!!

Hey Ladies!

Did a 10k walk across North Mayo coastline today! It was breathtaking! My bones ached a bit but I didn't care I was so happy to be able to breath in the sea air and take in the most spectacular scenary! It's truly amazing how heightened my gratitude is since I was diagnosed I take the greatest pleasure from the simplist things! If OC has done anything positive for me it has made me really realise how lucky I am!!!!

Onwards and Upwards lovely ladies!!!


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  • Wow. There's a scene to clear some cobwebs. Well done you for that big walk too.


  • What a beautiful site. Cancer changed my life for the better in some parts too xo

  • Great job!! Beautiful photo!! Best to you!

  • Well done. Know what you mean about appreciating all the beautiful things around us. Xxx

  • Fantastic, glad to hear you managed to have such a bracing walk and wow look at that view. Hope you are feeling good and also feeling supported now the chemo routine is no longer there. How's your hair now? Are you 'sans wig' all the time? Enjoy today

    Clare X

  • Hey Clare!

    I am good and almost back to normal,well a new normal but it's a good one! The hair is growing well I haven't put the wig back on at all its on a teddy bears head in my room! I am loving the short hair so makes it easier!

    How are you? Are you finished your Chemo yet?


  • I have two more to go! Funnily enough after hanging on since I started chemo , my eyelashes and eyebrows are now coming out! If my bloods are ok I should have chemom4 next week x

  • Fingers crossed! My eyebrows hung on a long time too! They were the last to go but the first to come back and they came back very quickly! I have a better set of eyebrows now than I ever did!

    Fingers crossed for your bloods!!!


  • What a view! I expect you slept well after that!

  • wow D im impressed! both with you stamina and the scenery. xx

  • Wow! Looks amazing !

    Judy xxx

  • Super positive message. Well done on that walk. I know exactly what you mean about appreciating the most simple things, post diagnosis. In that way, we're really lucky.

    SolangešŸ˜Š Xx

  • Amazing well done. It looks beautiful.

  • Sounds lovely. That's one thing Oc has done for me too and i take great pleasure in simple things like watching the birds in my garden and spending time with my little granddaughters. Long may we continue to be readily pleased!

    Love Francesca x

  • Totally agree, I have just come back from my daughters wedding on the beach in Turkey.

    Very emotional, I loved every minute, so, I agree the simple things and beautiful scenery make you good to be alive.

    Long may it continue xxx

  • HI Caroles 1, I am really delighted you had a great time. Yes I found it emotional as well. One of the celebrants of my sons wedding thought I was in pain as tear were streaming. This weekend we went to see my grandsons graduation from Nursery school and concert and on the way home, we stopped and found the lovely place they had their photos. It was so peaceful I must try and load a photograph. Hope you are taking it easy now after all the excitement

  • I am thank you,feel very tired today but have done what I need to and taken it easy, but watched plucky Ireland go out of the football,what hard workers!

    Bless your Grandson, mine is only 2, but very entertaining on holiday!

    Hope you are well,

    Carole xxx

  • Yes it was a pity, they say the Management didnt put on the experienced players as they would be a target for one or two of the French. That sounds silly to me because are they making out Club Footie is better than Euros? Any how I agree they played well. I couldnt say too much on fb because my three nieces are french and live in Strasbourg so have to be happy for them.

  • Gorgeous view and well done on the walk!

    You sound as if you are in a good place, enjoy



  • Great post and inspiring to read. I am going into cycle 3 and make it my business to walk half hr in the morning and half in the pm ...hoping to do 10 thousand steps most days..Before i restart no 3 we decided to go to achill to do the green way next weekend .very excited. Exposure to nature is a great healer

  • Well done for doing such a walk and what amazing scenery. You are so right that OC makes us very appreciative of simple things in life. We walked about a mile on cliffs in Cornwall on Thursday and I was proud of my achievement though have nothing like your stamina. However, we can all continued to enjoy beautiful scenery whatever our stamina rating.

    Glad you like the new short hair and are generally enjoying life.

    Best wishes,


  • D what a lovely picture it looks so picturesque, well done on walking 10K. We are in Bournmouth this weekend before my surgery and agree their is nothing better than lovely walls and scenery to feel alive.

    Ellsie xx

  • What a beautiful picture- and 10km!!! Well done! OC really does make the simple pleasures heightened.


    Anne xx

  • That's brill! Lovely picture xx

  • Beautiful. Yes, I must say, I really appreciate the simple things in life now too like sitting in the garden listening to the birds singing, a walk by the sea, coffee with friends etc. It focuses your attentions on what's important. Ann x

  • Hi D this is an amazing photo, and it certainly was a long walk but you enjoyed it which is the main thing. Glad to see you doing so well. Yes it is amazing what we now feel grateful for just the simplist of things. I remind myself from time to time how lucky I am to have a break. I had my grandsons concert on Friday so we travelled down for that. He was shy at the beginning but really got into the swing of things. I found a lovely little bird in my garden last week and it seems a rare species like myself haha.

    I checked and it is a Leucistic Robin ie, a robin with some but not all of its pigment. Birdwatch Ireland told me ir is rare and he probably doesnt realise he is different to the others. He comes now and again for crumbs.

  • Wow what an amazing landscape. Congratulations on the 10k a huge achievement with all that you've been through.. you must be so pleased! Yes being diagnosed with this Alien does make you reflect and make changes.... my list is growing!! Well done and big hugs Michelle xx

  • You did well, I am so jealous, I'd love to be walking more. I agree about the new outlook, I took my recovery for granted first time round, this time I am much more tuned in to the world around me.

    Positivity rules

    LA xx

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