Sending some ☀️ to you all

Sending some ☀️ to you all

Hello lovely ladies,

I felt very privileged to have met up with 3 fellow warriors from here last week at Wisley and it was just lovely to finally put some names to faces. We met the day before I flew out to Buenos Aires which is the beginning of a near month long adventure hubby & I have had planned for 2 years (& one I thought might be scuppered after last year's medical issues!) we are enjoying our last day in Buenos Aires as tomorrow we fly to Santiago, where on Thurs we catch our ship, which will be our home for 21 days. It will take us all the way down to Antarctica, up to the Falklands and back to Argentina!! A life long dream of mine and also a 'bucket list' for my darling late Mum.

I'm posting because I will have very limited access to the internet whilst aboard and I am aware that there are many of you facing some new and also reoccurring challenges. I am thinking of you all and sending you strength over the airwaves and will check in as and when I can. And if I can share a few iceberg/penguin photos...I will ☺

Much love to you all, Jemima xxx

P.s Here's a collection of photos I took on Monday whilst ambling around Palermo Soho district 💕

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  • Hi Jemima

    Wondered how the meet went. Glad you all enjoyed it.

    Holiday sound absolutely fantastic. Defo details need when you get back. Have a large G & T for me.


  • Wow! I've dreamt of going on one of those trips to the Antarctic for so long but rather expensive so I guess it's going to remain a dream. Are you on one of the ships where you get the chance to kayak? Wishing you a marvellous time, take lots of pics of the icebergs and the penguins. One of the Emperor Penguins may even be Happy Feet if he made it back home and perhaps he did! 🐧

    Glad the meet-up at Wisley went well.

    You'll have lots to tell us when you can get the internet access.

    Bon voyage! Helen

  • Thanks Helen - and yes, we're booked to do some kayaking off the ship whilst in Antarctica...hubby is crapping himself about it...I on the other hand cannot wait! Hopefully we'll be kayaking with some orcas too! Will take plenty of pics and post when I can. Lots of love xx

  • If only he'd said, I would have taken his place!

  • Haha you and a few others that asked to be stowed away in our bags 😆 Will keep you posted!! Xx

  • Have a fantastic trip! Total inspiration x

  • Thanks Lisa - hoping you're doing ok xx

  • Have a fabulous holiday, soak up those rays and chill out whilst being pampered onboard. Thank you for the sunshine ❤xx Jane

  • Will do's been so hot in Buenos Aires...a complete contrast to when we get to Antarctica!! ❄️🐧 Will raise a glass to you all once onboard! Xx

  • Beyond Jealous Mrs A!!!

    Have a FAB time!


  • Thinking of you D...sending you tonnes of get better vibes xx

  • Great photos... looks like your having fab time long may it continue .... looking forward to penguin pics 🤗🤗

  • Thanks hunny...hope you're doing ok? Xx

  • Had a meeting today and I'm going to be returning to work... mixed feelings as it's not a great place to work but I do want to get back to normal 😊

  • Well take the positives for now hunny. One step at a time xx

  • Wow. Have an amazing time. Looks fantastic. 🌴✈️⛱🍷xxxxx

  • Thanks Suzanne xx

  • Hi Jemima,

    What a fab post and I love your colourful photos, such a pleasure to look at. Your trip sounds amazing, what brilliant places to visit and hopefully good weather too which always helps!

    Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing how it's all going so please do look out for WIFI.

    Enjoy the food, drink, company and everything!!

    Clare xx

  • I will do clare...just had the most wonderful boozy steak lunch with the hubby for our last day in Argentina and I got a bit teary feeling so lucky to even be here! Thinking of you and sending you lots of stay strong vibes xx

  • It was lovely to meet up with you all at Wisley,brilliant photos Jemima,looking forward to the penguins photos of you all (you know what I mean) lol!

    Carole xxx

  • It was lovely to meet you too Carole...penguin photos to follow ☺🐧❄️👍🏻

  • Hi Jemima, looks fantastic, hope the rest of the hols go well. I had my scan report today and it seems to be clear, although there is a non-specific thing in my lung, apparently, but she didn't think it was sinister.

    Rachael x

  • Ah Rachel...fingers crossed that is all good news & nothing to worry about. Fab to meet you and wish you continued health xx

  • OMG.. now that's defo a Bucket List trip.. sounds fabulous! Pics look amazing.. look forward to the next update Jemima aka Judith Chalmers 😉😂😂 Love Michelle xx

  • 😂😂😂

  • Gorgeous photo Jemima! We'll have to organise another get together when you are back from your travels...and hopefully the weather here will be a bit warmer too :-)

    Yosh x

  • Definitely Hun...look forward to it. In the meantime, keep well xx

  • Great to hear about your wisely meet up & your trip abroad. Some of us met up in sevenoaks. Its all very positive. Lovely to see your photos.

  • Jemima, you thoroughly deserve such a marvellous holiday and I hope it surpasses your expectations! You are so supportive to all of us on here and we appreciate you very much indeed.

    Look forward to the penguin photos.

    All the best,


  • Thank you Barbara...just landed in Santiago, Chile! Tomorrow we jump onboard the boat!! ☺ beyond excited!! Xx

  • Keep on enjoying your wonderful trip Jemima. You deserve it and your description cheers me up. In fact all your posts do. You sound brave enough to do anything . I can imagine you swimming with sharks or jumping out of aeroplanes but please try not to. We need you on the site. Take care.


  • Haha thanks Molly...I was privileged to cage dive with great whites in South Africa 2 years ago (one of the most frightening yet exilerating things I've ever done) and funnily enough plan to do a parachute jump with hubby and step son whilst in New Zealand this summer!! All on the old bucket list! Might as well whilst I am fit and able!! It's my adventures that kept me going on that operating table last year!!

    One thing I def hope to do whilst in Antarctica in the coming weeks, is kayak with orcas! We will see if the gods are looking favourably on me or not :)

    Had a few cheeky rum cocktails tonight and raised it in honour of all you wonderful are all with me on my adventures!! Xx

  • Good on you Jemima

    You do these things for cowards like me ! I'm brave enough facing people and even PPC but not scary animals or large sharks and of course heights . Kayaking with orcas sounds like such an adventure. Enjoy every moment. I would definitely be brave enough for the rum cocktails ! Have a ball .


  • Molly you're braver than most! 💪🏻

  • How fantastic, have a fabulous time. When you say here we are, did you mean you were the nudey couple? Lol.

    Love from Solange😊

  • Haha no that was a beautiful statue in the Buenos Aires Botanical gardens 😏😆

  • Have a lovely time in this great part of the world, it is good you are able to fullfil the dream, My daughter is going to Iceland next week for a few days to see the Northern lights etc, I have been hoping her friend would pull out so I could but in but that is not going to happen now, Have one hell of a time

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