All Gone but WOW !!

All Gone but WOW !!

Hi ladies , well fundraiser was fantastic , great night had by all .. and we raised amazing amount of money , haven't added it all up yet as we still have a few donations to come in but its looking like its about the £900 mark so that's £450 for each charity , Ovacome and Target ... ... and Gwyn , u've done it again , loving the poem .. u really should write a book of poems about cancer experiences and sell it for the cause ... I'd buy it xx and just want to add thank u so much for all the lovely messages of support .. x

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  • Well done! You look great! A fab idea for fundraising

    All the very best with the treatment and the fundraising

    Love Wendy xx

  • Fantastic, looking good. It's much easier without hair. Mine is just coming back now and our pup was confused by the strange noise this morning.....the sound of my hairdrier.

  • Lol can totally understand that , our cats were looking at me strange but wouldn't come near me till i spoke to him last night when i came in .. he normally sleeps at the bottom of the bed but he didn't last night .. i must have scared him lol x

  • An amazing thing to do Sharon, well done for raising awareness and sooo much money, great news love x G x :-)

  • Well done Sharon - you look wonderful xxx

  • Fabulous look and for such a great cause :) keli x

  • Dear Sharon

    I'm delighted that it was such a success. Don't forget if you've been given cash that you can get forms from Ovacome to declare that you're a tax payer and when you pay them the money you can fill in the form and the government will add an additional 20% to your donation.

    I have some forms here so could scan one in and send to you if you let me have your email address.

    So full of admiration for you!

    Love Annie xxx

  • No probs Annie ...

  • will scan and send Sharon. xxxx love Annie

  • Well done Sharon!

    Love Colette xxxxxxxx

  • Fantastic - Well done!

    And of course you are now in the excellent company of a certain Jessie J!

    Thank you so much.

    L x

  • Amazing amount Sharon ...

    You look better than miss Jessie J !

    Love Jan xxxxx

  • lol Thank u so much ladies ... so glad i did it now , oohh i wish i did look like Jessie J , that was actually the first song i sang at work after i had had my head shaved lol , at least its given me a new idea for work .. a tribute to Jessie J lmao xx

  • Fantastic Sharon, Love the look and so pleased it was a success for you.

    Think you look better than Jessie J.

    Love xx Hilary xx

  • Fabulous -you look stunning and well done for raising so much money

    Love Amanda xx

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