Reached the end of the Rainbow!

Wonderful ladies, Hello...... my wife diagnosed PPC Stage 3C Grade 2, got her PET CT reports and she has been declared as In Complete Remission (NED). I want to thank each one of you in My Ovacome , for the information and advice which, in fact pulled me through the past six months. So many of my doubts, some founded and some not, kept getting answered on our site as though by default. This info actually helped me in answering her questions of which she had many. Fyi, she had debulking with hipec, followed by six cycles of IV chemo (carboplatin and paclitaxel) together with intra peritoneal chemo (paclitaxel). In retrospect, appears it wasn't a bad idea after all to expose her to such hard and harsh regimen of treatment. We now pray to The Almighty to keep her in remission forever. God Bless My Ovacome family.


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  • Naimish,

    What wonderful news! Pass on my best wishes to you wife and I wish her a long and healthy future!

    All the best!


  • Thanks I will


  • great news go and enjoy yourselves!! x

  • Thank you very much Alison.


  • Wonderfull news.. xxx

  • Thanks Tracex. Im also glad if I have been able to spread happiness and hope with my post.


  • HI Naimish, well this is really excellent hope ye are celebrating and planning a wonderful trip away from all the worry and the hospital and treatments, Do keep in touch, we need good news to keep us going, All the very very best

  • Aah Suzuki, My Ovacome Guru. You were the first to reply my first post and welcome me to our wonderful family. The trip will have to wait at least six months given her present disposition. She has lost her strength and is dependent on me for a whole lot of supports, Her neuropathy is her biggest hurdle. Medications, physio - nothing seems to help much. Only time will heal so will plan on a Xmas vacation. Meantime, please keep praying for her to remain in remission.


  • Of course it is very early days, if your wife is able to have a bath, adding epsom salts to the water does help with the aches and pains. Gentle short walks perhaps even around the house and then progressing outside. It is all baby steps I am afraid but I have to say your wife is really lucky to have such a caring husband, well done

  • Well done and here's to a happy future. X

  • Thank you Tracey and I am cock sure that you will be following in my wife's footsteps very soon. Here's wishing you all the best for the soon to be over remainder of your treatment.


  • That means a lot. Thank you x

  • That's great news, Naimish! So pleased for you both!

  • Thank you so very much Barbara.


  • Naimish - such wonderful news for your wife and you, I am so pleased to hear your news and hope that you are rightly celebrating and giving each other a big, warm hug.

    Take care


  • Yes Clare, we have kept the celebrations over the weekend. Thank you so much.......


  • Wonderful news, all the best for the future.

  • Thanks Trix and wish you all the best too.....


  • Hello Naimish, that's great news for you and your wife. I hope you have a celebration planned. All the best.

  • Thanks Helen, we do have a good time planned over the weekend.


  • Oh that is brilliant news naimish, so pleased for you both. I am sending all my prayers and good wishes to you and your wife, God bless. Please keep in touch. Julie xx

  • Thanks Julie, I will be on this site for sure....... its like family. Wishing you all the best...............


  • Hi Naimish

    I followed your wife's story very closely as I am also a PPC lady. Thank god your wife can finally forget those scary letters. You were obviously a huge support for her and I know from your posts that you made sure this disease was attacked from every angle. It was worth it all to see your dear wife thankfully free from this disease. I wish you both long , happy and healthy lives . So uplifting to hear a happy ending .

  • Thanks MollyO, I do remember that you were at 3C PPC at diagnosis and were five years in remission without debulking and probably Avastin was not a call at that time . Frankly, I feel that PPC is a yet unknown strain for oncologists since the origin is not certain. I am taking a bit of a chance together with the onco by not proceeding with Avastin since she is in complete remission. Henceforth its only the Guy above us who will decide the future and until then fingers (and toes) are crossed.


  • Hi Naimish

    My luck ran out in mar when a scan showed it was in my peri aortic lymph nodes which were slightly swollen. Will have another scan next month to see if they have enlarged and then it will be decided when to start chemo. As I had a long remission last time they will probably use the same chemo. I am hoping to put up a post soon looking for words of wisdom from the wonderful people on this site particularly PPC people . As you say it is still a mystery and the fact that occasionally men get it via their appendix does set us apart. For women they now think it may start in the Fallopian tubes. I am not sure if it is being researched on its own. Anyway your lovely wife's good news gives me hope and inspiration. I have quite a large circle of people who pray for me constantly and that is such a comfort. As you say only the man above will decide. We will all continue to support each other and share experiences and knowledge. Take care . God bless you both

  • I can not begin to explain how happy it makes me to read about the success stories!!

    My thoughts are with you and your wife, and that you enjoy a long, happy, and most of all healthy future together. After a fight like this you deserve it.

  • Thank you so so so much Indego. Its the combination of such good hearts that has made this possible.


  • Wonderful news for you both😀

  • Thank you Howick01 and coming from an activist like you, it means a lot to us.


  • So glad to read this. Congratulations to your wife for enduring treatment and to you for supporting her so well. Very best wishes, Vx

  • Good luck! Wish you the very best! I am so glad to have your wonderful notices.

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