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Well... They don't give much away. Had ultrasound. Saw consultant who was very smiley and said "mostly normal" except thickening of womb lining (11? Week after period). So proceeded with hysteroscopy and took biopsy. 2 week wait max? I asked what if it's malignant? He said hysterectomy and other treatments. Is that a chicken way of saying chemo?

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I'm sorry you didn't get an answer today :-(


Well I suppose they dont like to committ, when the biopsies are back he should have a better idea and you wont however get a full picture until the hysterectomy is done. On occasions, this is enough no further treatment is necessary and you would have regular check ups. But best not to pre empt what are the treatments until you have the hysterectomy. They dont know for sure until they actually get in there.

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Hm I misread your post... 'Saw consultant who was very _smElly_...'. Must get off internet more.

This is the most annoying thing about anything to do with OC or pelvic/abdominal/Ovarian .. often it's only possible to determine the scope of problems (or not, as it may be) during surgery when having a look around, in combination with the results of the subsequent tissue pathology. I had a real problem with that concept and remember sitting in the doctor's office stating categorically that I wanted them to NOT take any drastic measures until after they had woken me up and discussed what they found inside my abdomen with me first.

They blinked at that but kept a straight face, and proceeded patiently with explaining to me that this wasn't an option. They'd go in, and ideally they'd like a carte blanche from me to do whatever was necessary to save/prolong my life at the time, within the window of the operation.

In my case, I had a really bad outlook prior to surgery. Massive bloating/ascites, very high CA125 (4500+), malignant cells in the fluid, peritoneal thickening and tumours showing in ovaries at scan etc. And then it turns out that the tumours were mostly borderline and non-invasive/slow growing, so no chemo after.

If the tissue is malignant, then your medical team may recommend chemo but wait what they find first.

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