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I am due to meet my oncologist tomorrow for the first time, I was diagnosed and operated on within 48 hours 3 weeks ago so everything feels like it is happening to someone else! I have had amazing care so far but know that I have a hill to climb as my OC is stage 4 and has already spread to my lungs. I had no symptoms until the week before diagnosis so the little wot sit was getting on with messing up my life and I didn't even know.

Having said that I am very positive and as one of my friends said - does that cancer know who it has taken on! That made me laugh which is they say the best medicine.

I look forward to reading more blogs and am looking forward to Margaret's story.

Here's to laughter and friendship Amanda xx

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  • Dear Amanda

    Welcome! You have certainly been on a roller-coaster just recently and I know exactly what it feels like. If you're taken in as an emergency, and I was two years ago, it does seem as though you're processing everything in a dream. All the worse if you had no symptoms at all - and again I'm on the same page as you.

    I sense two more similarities - I'm going to put up one hell of a fight and I'm determined to enjoy everything that life has to offer so that doesn't include worrying overmuch about something that hasn't happened yet.

    You'll be in good company here and we're here to share our stories, help each other along, and hopefully have a laugh at the same time.

    You might want to join the latest blog - Ovacome Desert Island Discs. Thinking about your favourite track to upload might be something that would pass the time whilst you're resting and recuperating.

    I'm sorry you have to be here. We all are, but now you're here we're looking to seeing more of your blogs and comments.

    love Annie x

  • Hi Amanda,

    Welcome to the club no one wants to join love x G x

  • Thank you both xx

  • Hi Amanda

    Sorry that you have to be here, but welcome, now that you are. Glad that you have had good care. I'm also stage iv - diagnosed in February this year and finished chemo in August. I'm sure you will find much on this site to cheer you up and cheer you on.

    Monique x

  • Hi Amanda

    Just to say, Welcome! You will certainly find fun and friendship on this site, as well as a listening ear when and if you need to let off steam or share any worries. You sound very positive and that's a big plus.

    All the very best

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Monique will let you know how the next stage goes! Good to know there are other people going through the same thing although I wish that none of us had to.

    Amanda x

  • Thank you Wendy - can feel all those positive vibes flowing! Xx

  • Hi Amanda

    Welcome. I've been on this site for a while now (diagnosed 3C in Aug 2009) and it really is a very 'special' club where you can get loads of information, advice, support and lots of light-hearted banter thrown in!

    Colette xxxxx

  • Hi Amanda

    You will find plenty of help and support on here, plus laughter!

    Love Linda xx

  • Hello Amanda -- well done for finding the site, you'll find this forum really supportive. Sounds like a terrible shock to have had but you sound feisty so I am sure you'll fight back hard! I was 3c as many on here are; there are ladies with every type and stage of OC to chat with. Best of luck with getting going on your treatment



  • Hello Amanda,

    It's great that you found this site and (as others have said) joined the club that no-one wanted to join. Mind you, I have to say, the members in this group are an awesome group of ladies who will give you answers when you ask and give you a cyber-shoulder to cry on day or night.

    When you're feeling scared and worried they'll be here for you.

    I know it seems scary to be diagnosed with stage 4 disease. I know how it feels from a personal level as I was also diagnosed at Stage 4 disease with mets to the umbilicus, along with massive pulmonary embolisms.

    Almost 14 years have passed since that frightening and uncertain beginning and I'm (obviously) still here and in remission after completing first line treatment. There are others in this lovely group with similar stories. They'll agree with me, (I'm sure) that having ovarian cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Keep searching, listening, hoping and helping yourself in every way. Don't forget, when you need us, we are here for you.


  • sandy, just read your profile and i must say was reading it with tears in my eyes. what an incredible story you have to share. 14 years in remission after stage 4? your story make me fight even more, thank you XXX

    love Zuzi

  • Hello Madz

    Being handed down an OC diagnosis gives us an awful lot to process mentally and emotionally leaving aside all the treatment protocols. You sound like you've got the fighting spirit but I hope you'll find that the support you get here is just what you need any time you have a wobble.

    Good luck and keep believing.

    Linda xxx

  • Hi Amanda

    Welcome. I know what you are going through. Although mine wasn't quite so quick. Operation for stage 4 was around 4 to 6 weeks after my first symptom of spotting a bit of blood which became worse over a few days. Spread to my liver, bowel and diagphram. However, after an extensive operation in April 2010 I am still in remisson and Sandy gives me hope for many more years. I don't post very often,but I do read nearly every day and gain strength from the wonder ladies on this site. Keep positive. Love and hugs coming your way.

    Chris x x

  • Welcome to the club Amanda! Even though none of us wants to be in it!

    The story of my journey tomorrow! I drank too much red wine to write it yesterday and have a very busy day today!


    M xxxxxxxx

  • I laughed at that! Good for you, Maragaret. As Brucie would say 'keeeeeeeeeep drinking!' :-O

  • As long as it is only occasionally! LOL!

  • Hope it was a good red Margaret ....

    You deserve a glass or two with all the cooking you have been doing xxxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Very good! Had to have company home though! LOL

  • Sorry- name wrong! iPad on autopilot again!

    W xx

  • Hi Amanda, welcome to our club. I am like Chris and dont post very often but always read the blogs. I was also diagnosed stage 4 in April/May 2010 and touch wood am still in remission so it is possible to live a good life still and I am certainly doing that, when I'm not sleeping lol :-) Ann xx

  • Hi Amanda, Welcome, you have put your first foot firmly down with this dreadful illness, coming on here form the outset can only re enforce your positive attitude. I have been around 4 yrs had 3 rounds of chemo and coming up next week for 4th! it has spread too, to lungs and liver but I am in no mood to give up just yet :) I look forward to sharing your journey with you, lots of love Diane xxx

  • Hello Amanda and welcome to our family .....

    Do hope your meeting with the Oncologist went ok today ?? and that they were able to answer your questions for you.

    There is a wealth of info and advice here for you if you need it .... we also love a giggle too lots of them .....

    Sending you lots of positive vibes ..keep on that track xxxx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Love all the positive posts - just what I need per oncologist appointment in the morning xxxx

  • Good Luck! We'll be thinking of you at your appointment.

    Sending you lots of posivibes

    W xx

  • Hi madz

    Welcome and I hope that your appointment went well yesterday.

    So sorry that this is happening to you....but this is such a safe place for us all.

    One piece of advice I was given is to use every resource available to you to get through this...treats , rest , meditation , yoga ...but most of all time with other people. Also if somebody asks if they can do anything , don,t be shy in taking them up on it.

    I work in healthcare and we are all aware that new treatment strategies and improved awareness are likely to make the management of this awful disease better and better as time goes on.

    Take care of yourself



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