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Hi lovely ladies. A big thank you for your support last week. I am home and yes nature works better at home!!! I feel exhausted and emotional. I'm going to enjoy a summer of sport watching and regain my strength.

Have a positive day everyone.

Tracey x

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Morning Gleedy Glad to hear you are back home, relax regain your strength and enjoy your time doing nothing! I'm not one for sitting around but I found it nice for once being looked after. I was soon back on my feet and walking the dog again.

good luck with your recovery

Morning, glad you are home and yes home is the best place to be able to private and get nature working again 😉

Take it easy now, I'll be watching the tennis with you this pm, recovering from Friday's chemo.

Onwards and upwards now

Dawn xx

Have a nice relaxing few days

Judy x

Wishing you all the best of wishes with your recovery, we seem to recover best at home ;)

Take care

L x

Very pleased to hear you are home and hope you will make a steady recovery. Be kind to yourself, listen to your body and rest as much as possible while enjoying the tennis. Sounds like a perfect combination! Let's hope there aren't too many rain delays either.

Best wishes,



So pleased your home, wishing you all the best for your recovery, rest lots, there's nothing like your home comforts.


I'm so glad that you are home. I felt such relief when I got home and I'm sure you do too.. Take it easy 😀

Glad you're home, nothing like being home in your own bed etc :) hope you feel better but remember be kind to yourself xx Kathy

Great you are home and enjoying your own bed and your own bathroom. Even when out, I have using other peoples loos or loos in shopping centres as well. You will find your recovery will be swifter but you do not lift anything heavier than a cuppa


So glad you are home. It all feels so much better with your own bed and toilet.

I hope you are beginning to feel a little better each day.

Fab, make sure you eat well, rest well and accept any help that's offered. X x

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