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Well, I spent my first full day back at home yesterday. I had my ups and downs throughout the day, just don't know what to keep doing.

Every hour seams to last forever. I did manage to watch some tv, do some dot to dot and did some knitting but I'm so agitated.

I don't know what it is I want to do either, I seam to have really lost my way in the world.

I enjoy reading the posts on this site and that passes some time, but doesn't last all day, flicking through Facebook also keeps me busy for a while.

Do u guys have any ideas how I can get through this time after the operation at home........

Mandy, xx

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Ive sent you a message mandy. X


Hi Mandy

Felt just the same. Couldn't settle to tv,magazines or books. Didn't even particularly want to see friends or family.

However after a week or so became more interested in everything. Think I was just absolutely shattered as well

Judy x


Hi Mandy

You are doing great if you knitting and dot to dot already! You had a massive op and only just got home. I still can't concentrate on anything for long.

I wander around the house looking out of the Windows but then what ???

I can see this time next week it's going to be more difficult as I start to feel better.

Please just rest won't you !!

Like you Facebook helps. I didn't go on there very much before but find being nosey passes the time !!!

Sarah xx


Hi Mandy, I bet you are relieved that the surgery is over but you must be really kind to yourself and not expect too much too soon. I reiterate everything that Judy said.I could, t settle to anything and I have to say it took me a while to start enjoying things that I normally enjoyed. for example I had my surgery in November finished My chemo in Jan 2016 usuaLLY A GREAT reader but !!! have not been able to concentrate managed to finally read a book this week.

Go with the flow rest, watch TV do WHAT YOU WANT but do not push yourself to hard. Rest take short walks, my family and friends knew when they came they must not outstay their welcome.Take offers of practical help I had a couple of friends who were great meal makers. MY HUSBAND d finally found out how to us the hoover and iron!!!!


Hi I found I was the same when I left hospital and during susequent recurrences. You're used to being active and suddenly you're confined to bed or the sofa. Lets face it TV can be boring day in day out plus I think its hard to concentrate on anything for too long. It does get better especially when your strength returns and little by little (i stress that you need to take things slowly or you will set back your recovery) you will feel less bored, and before you know it you'll be back out in the big wide world, then moaning about that pile of ironing that needs doing etc lol. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. xx Kathy


I found the time dragged and was watching the clock, but I got myself into a routine of doing puzzle books, reading and Facebook in the morning, then watching Bargain Hunt or Time Team while I had lunch and a short walk then more telly and a bit of knitting till my partner got home. The walk really helped, just having something to look at, round the garden to begin with. Hope the time starts to go more quickly as you get better and can do more.


I think you have to get used to the habit of being at home and not under strict hospital routine. You have your own bed back so plenty of good nights rest for you. To pass the day it is hard, perhaps listen to music or read or have a movie day. Also every hour or so get up and walk around to stretch your muscles. Maybe sit out in the nice weather for a little while as well with plenty of sunscreen. Perhaps get friends to drop in to make you a cuppa.


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