Woohoo husband home

Woohoo husband home

Surprise of the week, my husband who has just undergone a stem cell transplant at Kings came home earlier than anticipated yesterday his transplant is doing very well and having him home is a real boost😃I have done 3 of 6 chemos now and was struggling with the travelling to see him. CT scan booked for Monday to see if the chemo is shrinking the nasty blighters but am still in a lot of pain and bowels being very un co-operative today I have a painful leg and a rash on the bum😳 of all places let's hope my news from the onc next week is good or else it's radiotherapy for me. But having my husband by my side I'm sure to get the warrior spirit back. Ann x

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  • So glad he is home! You must be pleased to have him back.

  • I am pleased beyond words he has done so well it was a very brutal chemo regime before the transplant so he knows what I am going through at the moment.

  • Wonderful... Such a boost for you... All the best for your scan... What a lovely pic 😍

  • Good news for you both and you both look fab to great photo, wishing you all the best xx

  • It's a lovely photo and great news,are you cooking for a party?

    Carole xx

  • Ha ha no that was new year and the give away is I still had hair. We now both look like a pair of polished eggs lol xx

  • Wonderful news he's home and fab photo !

    Judy xx

  • Lovely photo of you both, and great news. Hoping the news is good for you. You have gone through a lot,. Wishing you well. Love Julie xx

  • I'm so glad and happy for you that you have got your husband back by Your Side, wishing you both all the the best with your treatments,bless you both. xx

  • Lovely photo! Sending you both best wishes,

    Love Solange

  • What a great pic of two very happy people.....long may it last!!


  • Gosh you both have been through a lot, well done to your husband and I wish you both the very best for the future, Those sausage rolls are making me hungry though. All the best for your appt with your Oncologist and now you dont have to travel, you will have more energy,

  • A lovely picture and how lovely for you both x

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