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Post op bowel problem?

I had my operation two weeks ago for stage 3 OC, involving full hysterectomy, omentum removal and some scraping of bowel and liver (I think).

My biggest concern is difficulty with bowel movements.

Originally I had 10 days of constipaton however now I do not have the urge and seem unable to get the muscles to operate in that area.

My question is is this normal?

If so how long before that area recovers, the pain of the operation which is pretty bad I can cope with but this is really getting me down.

Hope this hasn't put anyone off their breakfast.

Sorry having to write about such an embarrassing problem.

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Poor you!

I suspect that it will take time for your bowel to recover (I think it is an area that can bruise badly), so probably all is well, although I would not hesitate to check with your surgeon by contacting their secretary, or see your GP urgently. It is much better to get any possible complications checked out straight away, as post op adhesions and other problems can need rapid action.

I do hope all is well.

Very best wishes,



I had exactly the same problem following my op in 2009. I had 'adhesions' removed from my bowel, peritoneum and omemtum (as well as hysterectomy of course) so my bowel was really traumatised for quite a while. I had to take regular doses of Movicol every day to keep things moving. Unfortunately when I started chemo the problem continued so was on Movicol continuously, but things did improve and the Movicol works really well so, if you haven't already got some, get some prescribed and take it as often as you need it (up to 6 sachets a day when things are really bad). It will improve, it just takes a little time for your bowel to recover. Hope this helps. By the way, I'm still taking Movicol as I'm having chemo again for recurrence and I wouldn't be without it now. Good luck. Hope things start moving again soon!

Best wishes



Hi Fats,

My debaulking involved a bowel resection. As a result of the 12 days I spent in hospital after the op, 4 or so were waiting for a 'movement'. It only happened when they threatened to give me a suppository to induce it! As Isadora says, I would contact your GP and perhaps a district nurse could come out to adminster one, or the GP himself can be seen quickly or he can contact you quickly for advice. I am sure things will sort themselves out, but being stressed about it does not help. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Like Fitzy I use Movicol (and Senakot) each day, and I get some kind of movement. Lactulose is another option. But in your situation, I think I would get advice from your GP/District Nurse/Specialist Nurse first.

Love Lizzie



I had the same operation in January and my bowels still aren't "normal". I regularly use lactulose, senna or both - particularly after chemo. The consultant has said that the bowel doesn't take kindly to being moved and scraped so I should expect it to take time for it to return to normal. It is now 3 months since my operation so I don't know how long it will actually take. I've now got blood in my stools which I think/hope is from piles caused by the intermittent constipation. It would be best if you get yourself checked out.



Thanks for all these helpful replies.

No sooner had I pressed send when later that same day some normality returned.

I had already had the Dr round who assured me there was no blockage and that now certainly appears to be the case.

Yes i was on Docusate and Movicol while on chemo and that certainly helped with the constipation that chemo caused.

Hopefully now it's just time, but must say was very scared there for a bit.

I restart chemo next week, for hopfully the last three sessions to clear up the remaining traces - so that's something to look forward to.

I believe I may be given avastin as well, so peoples experiences of that could be helpful and interesting.

Thanks again.


Glad to hear that things are back to normal. When I had similar symptoms I used to sip prune juice from a wine glass and try to pretend that I liked it - it worked atreat! :-)


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