A Simple Day

I penned this after we had a spontaneous day out. We had just jumped the local buses. We had bought a couple of handbags, one for my wife and one for the granddaughter and finished by having a beer at the Birmingham German Market. We met a couple from Manchester on a city break and had a nice normal chat.

A simple day was found,

Only Diana and me around.

A temporary forget of worries,

Without no real hurries.

The simplicity of the day was great,

I did not carry my usual freight.

The worries of things to come,

A rest from our constant run.


Thank you all

7 Replies

  • Let us all enjoy simple days! Sounds like a great afternoon. Put those cancer worries on the back burner and enjoy a "normal day"

  • A super post - we all need to escape and be " normal" for a while. A good reminder how much good it does to get out and about and forget the big C. Like the poem 😊

    Best wishes to you both, Solange xx

  • I love doing that. Get local bus down to the bus station and decide when I get there. I went to Leeds to go to the Art Gallery on my last day before last chemo a few weeks as it was raining but found it's closed till 2017. The weather cleared up while I was eating coffee and cake so I got a bus out to the Rodley nature reserve. It's a lovely small friendly reserve and they lent me binoculars as I'd come unprepared. highlight was two oystercatchers feeding chicks and teaching them to feed themselves.

  • Wow love it ..somes up the good days with this disease . Thanks for sharing.

  • The good days are worth the bad thank you for your great poem

  • Best wishes to you both,and many more happy days to come. xx

  • I think a day out to recharge the batteries, meeting new people who know nothing of your background is refreshing. I had a few hours some time back with a cousin who never knew I was ill. It was strange but relaxing. He did mention though that his mother and aunt had died of OC and that their gp, the same one told them use a hot water bottle for the pain.!!! He just mentioned it in passing and I did not mention I also had it. He just wanted to meet me out of curiousity. But it was good to talk about his grandparents who would be my great grand parents and his memories of growing up. All in all it was a nice afternoon.

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