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A warm & peaceful Christmas to you all.

I struggle this time of year because I miss my Mummy who was my best friend but who sadly lost her battle to cancer at the young age of 64 in Apr 2013. Christmas has never felt nor been the same since & I am always crippled with sadness, so having a quiet one with the hubby.

You all fell into my life this year & although I wish our paths didn't have to meet in this way, I wanted to say thank you and that I'm thinking of you all today especially.

Jemima xx

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  • Hey Mrs A!

    I know how you feel my mum passed away too early in 2015 just as I was getting diagnosed. I do love Christmas but I do find it hard too!!

    Hope you and your hubby are having a great day! I am watching the Wizard of Oz a Christmas classic!


  • Thank you D. So sorry to hear you lost your darling Mum too 💕 Hope you're having a good day! Xx

  • I hope you and your hubby are having a good day, my mother died very suddenly and unexpectedly in August this year and this is a different day for us too.

    Take care Jemima xx


  • Clare - I'm sorry to hear about your lovely Mum too 😢 I hope you've managed to reflect on some happier, loving times today. I know how difficult that can be xx

  • My dad loved Christmas I light a candle for him every year he died in Feb 2000 but it's still difficult time ... I'm glad I met you jemima you have helped me so much this year xx

  • I'm sorry to hear you lost your wonderful Dad Shelly...I light a candle for my Mum every Xmas...small things. I'm glad to have met you too Hun...and I wish you a happier, healthier 2017! Xx

  • Ditto 💕💕

  • Jem, Both of my parents passed away this year while I was having chemo. I am currently NED and grateful they did not have to bury me. This is my first ever Christmas without them. I'm going to start some new traditions going forward, just not sure what!! Thank you for your great posts. This forum has literally helped save me. People here are very open and sharing regarding information about this horrid disease. I thank you all. Happy Christmas. Tesla

  • Tesla - I'm so very sad to read this 😢 I like your idea of starting new traditions...I bet they would both be immensely proud of how strong you have been this year and how much you too have helped so many of us on here. Big ((hugs)) to you hunny & warm Xmas wishes xx

  • I lost my dad on 17 th November just before I went for surgery. It is very quiet here.

  • I'm sorry to hear this Neona. Losing a parent, particularly one you are so very close to, is life changing. I hope you managed to still enjoy some of the festive period, even if it does feel different. Someone once said to me that grief doesn't necessarily get easier with time...you just get used to it...too true. ((Hugs)) to you xx

  • Sorry to hear of your loss. Hugs xx

  • Thanks Hun - hope you're having a happy & peaceful Xmas xx

  • All best wishes for 2017 Jemima x

  • Hi Jemima

    My lovely mother died in Jan 2015 so this was my second Christmas without her. When it happens near Christmas it seems to add an extra layer of sadness . I missed her yesterday when the fat from the goose caused smoke from the oven ! . Your mum was so young while mine was 93 when she died. Age makes no difference though when it's a loved one . I hope your day went well and the way you wanted it to be .


  • Sorry to hear about your lovely Mum Molly...but I hope you enjoyed some fond memories of her especially yesterday. I'm not sure age makes a difference when it's someone you love...but I feel like my darling, hardworking Mum was robbed of her so well deserved retirement, which she was really only just beginning :(

    Make each day count!


  • Your mum really was way too young Jemima. Life seems so unfair when that happens. That is why I believe in an afterlife. There has to be a grand plan that everything evens out in the end. It just makes it so sad when loved ones experience a loss of someone so young. We have good memories of a fearless , hardworking mother who tackled everything including the loss of two of her children in their early forties . She was much braver than me and I hope there is some of her courage hidden inside me somewhere that will activate when I need it most. Take care.


  • I think there definitely is Molly - just look at how much you've already had to cope with that most would have crumbled over!

    My hubby often says how much of my Mum's character he sees in me. Part of me thinks that having gone through Mum's illness and untimely death - nothing really can phase me. It is perhaps why I feel I've coped with this year as well as I have (& any future years that decide they want to pick a fight!)...I'd like to think there is something after death...that thought has certainly kept me going during those dark moments when I'm missing her the most...I don't fear death as much now...because I hope that one day, I'll be with her again xx

  • Thanks for being there Jemima! Your mum was no doubt proud of the person her daughter has become.

    Take care, Netti x

  • Thank you Netti - hope you're having a restful Christmas xx

  • Yes my lovely, no choice in the matter as am sore after the op. Being cared for by a husband with a cold, a coughing young man (son the 1st) back from uni for the hols and a very kind son the 2nd who makes a lovely cup of tea.

    Take care

    Netti x

  • Bless you! Glad you are all coming together and looking after each other :) I hope your recovery goes well Hun xx

  • Thanks!

  • Jemima-So sorry for your loss and holiday sadness. I lost my mom 24 years ago to cancer, she was only 62. I miss her still and think about her almost daily. I wish I could of done more for her and with her. Just thinking about her keeps her alive in your memory and honors her.

    She has made you the caring and giving person that you are today. Sadness is a part of good times remembered. Hope you enjoyed Christmas with your family and had fond memories!

    Xx Carol

  • Thank you Carol (that was my Mum's name too ☺) I cared for her full time from the moment she was diagnosed until the moment she took her last breath. Some days I'm fine but others, her death still smacks me in the face with full force. Obviously special occasions are harder...but most of the time it's things like when something happens, or I hear something funny or interesting, or something happens on the news...she's the first person I naturally go to call...

    Our last Xmas with her in 2012...she was in so much pain bless her by as a family we were tight as anything and she was so brave...it was genuinely, an unforgettable festive period xx

  • I to understand what you are feeling regarding your mother. Believe it or not My father passed away in 1985,& I still miss him at Christmas as he was always so jolly & enjoyed a good laugh. My mother died in 1998 suddenly so obviously I do think of her aswell & the lovely family Christmases we used to have. I hope that you are all enjoying your Boxing Day.


  • I'm so sorry to hear this Caleda but I'm pleased to hear you have such fond memories of them both xx

  • Thank you for your reply,I suppose Christmas is a strange time for many. I hope that you are enjoying your day today.xxx

  • big hugs to you, my dad passed away a few years ago and me and my family were devastated, he is always on my mind and I think of him and all our good and fun times, but I do get sad and miss him terribly!

    I do hope you and your hubby enjoyed your Christmas Day.



  • Thanks for your reply Karen - I'm sorry to hear about your lovely Dad, but happy to hear that you can look back on the fond memories and fun times you shared together. Xmas Day was quiet but that's fine...I wasn't in a great mood for festivities and hubby was happy to have a quiet one :) xx

  • I think Christmas, new year and anniversaries make us more aware of our losses than at other times as they are times we would have got together as family (and friends). Hope you all had a nice festive Christmas and that we can all look forward to 2017 for brighter times. I found all you ladies in October of this year and think you are all inspirational and look forward to spending 2017 with you all too ❤xx🎄Jane

  • Thanks for your reply Jane - you are so right, they really do. Xmas has been quiet but NY will be busier. I'm looking forward to 2017 perhaps being a happier and healthier year, not just for me but for a few of my friends who have also had a very tough 2016 and of course, most of us on here. xx

  • Hi Jemina, yes Xmas can be sad, I lost a sister and my father around this time of year and it is not easy so I understand you, There is nothing wrong with a quiet Xmas and I hope it went well for you. We all get wobbles now and then because we are human, I wish you well for the coming year full of good health and happy times

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