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A Happy Day

Today Mr W. and I have been married for46 years! He was and still is the love of my life, my rock who is always there for me through thick and thin. I know that I am truly blessed.

We had a wonderful day today visiting the lovely Avebury Manor ( star of BBC 's The manor Reborn). Do visit if you are ever near by. And tonight we celebrated by candelight with fish and chips and champagne at home!!

Just finished my 6th line chemo, still here after 5 years and still trying to LIVE LIFE. So those of you who feel low don't give up enjoy each day that you are given.

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Wow Sue,

Congratulations to you lovely to receive happy news... may you have many more blessed years together..I am glad you had a super .enjoy your candlelit meal and champagne ( how romantic) love and best wishes x G x :-) :-D :-/ ;-) :-)


What a lovely uplifting blog. Champagne and fish and chips what could be better. I have only been married 5 years so no where near your 46 years, but I am so glad I am married would hate to go through this alone.

Love to you and your hubby on this special day

Babs x x


What a lovely uplifting blog. Congratulations Sue and Mr W. Forty-six years is quite something. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day at Avebury Manor and a fish and chip dinner at home with champagne. I think you might think about giving the rest of us some tips on achieving such a long and happy marriage.

I just looked up Avebury Manor. Thanks so much for mentioning it. It took a bit of time to discover exactly where it is but it's certainly worth a visit.

I do hope you continue well on your chemotherapy. You certainly do make the most of life.

with love - and congratulations! Annie xxx


Hi Sue,

Congratulations again, Sue. So pleased you have yourthe love of your life - your Rock.

Best wishes to you both,



You are a true inspiration! Congratulations to you both. 6th line chemo too! I take my hat off to you. Lots of love coco xx


Hi Sue,

Congratulations on your 46th wedding anniversary. Fish and chips sounds wonderful and you had a lovely day out/

Best wishes,

Chris xx


Many, many congrats, Sue! That really is done achievement:-)

Love Wendy xx


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