Liver function tests "deranged" after first carbo/taxol...anyone else??

Hi I just had one dose of chemo 5weeks ago and due to high liver enzymes have not resumed, I have seen a hepatologist twice and have had extensive blood tests to rule out autoimmune conditions etc...but all evidence seems to be pointing to the drugs! I lost 70%of my hair and was nutrapenic after 10 days.and that's after 1dose! Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • After my first dose my thyroid stopped working and my kidney function went from normal to awful. Liver was a little fatty after. Now I've had three doses, three years later, kidney function even worse, and blood sugar up to borderline diabetic. Think chemo doesn't agree with me lol.

    LA xx

  • Yes it looks like my body objects strongly to the chemo and I am conscious about how precious my liver is . I am led to believe that this reaction is most "unusual " and I have thralled the Internet looking to see if there are any similar reactions without success. I don't believe I am that unusual...what I do believe is that this has happened lots of time but doctors have not reported it to the medicines board of their respective countries mostly because they are too busy or not bothered. As a result adverse reactions are not reported and medicine dosage guidelines are not updated. I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow and one of my questions will be ....has my reaction been reported.

  • Have you considered reporting it yourself using the Yellow Card scheme.

  • Yes I am holding fire at the moment as am not sure if it's the carbo or taxol. They are going to rechallenge me with carbo at a low dose to see how I respond when my lft s are normal . Thanks for your response

  • I have to say it seems like a really bad reaction. What chemo is it? I certainly would be various about getting it again when there are so many options regarding chemo available - best wishes.

    Best wishes ,

    Trish xx

  • That's a shame and frustrating. My liver results were not good after first chemo but they went ahead with second and I've been fine since. I hope someone else here can help you more. Good luck. Tracey

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