Dear Gwyn

You are always there for everyone.

Thankyou on behalf of all those new to this site and those not so new for always being there with sensible, gentle advice.

Love Suex

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  • Sue

    Couldnt have said it better myself. including us oldies!!

    Regards Barbara.

  • Thank you Barbara love x G x :-)

  • Hear hear!! x

  • Cheers Jan love x G x :-)

  • Hip Hip Hooray for Gwyn.! We love you xx

  • Thanks a bunch Paul love x G x :-)

  • Lovely post....what would we do without our Gwyn? You're one in a million

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you Wendy...I feel like a race horse LoL ... but there are a lot of one in a million on here LOL

    love x G x :-)

  • A thank you from me too Gwyn! And especially for your lovely poems, they always strike the right note.

    Claire x

  • Thank you Claire love x G x :-)

  • Yours Too Millie thank you love x G x :-)

  • Yes I agree with you. Love Pam x

  • Cheers Pam love x G x :-)

  • Sue, What a lovely, thoughtful post. It is so nice to see the community recognising the efforts our lovely Gwyn. She always does her very best on all our behalves. I join you in saluting her. Thanks, Gwyn.

    Andy and Angie x

  • Well what can I say about our rhyming couple ? :-/ ;-)

    Thank you both Andy & Angie love x G x :-)

  • Thanks from me too, you have given me the courage today to take steps in the right direction and to face up to what may lie ahead. Inspirational. Also thanks to Wendydee and KATLAN22, not forgetting Tina B.

  • Thank you for your lovely comment ...Just hoping that you will get sorted soon love x G x :-)

  • So very true. Vxxx

  • V-V thank you ...I have missed you ....I hope you are ok love x G x :-)

  • Yes a lovely post. I think we all appreciate Gwyn. I just don't know how Gwyn knows all our birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates. It's always a lovely surprise to have a poem written especially for us - and Gwyn has also written some amazing poems about ovarian cancer. xxx Thanks Gwyn. xx

  • Thank you Annie... I hope you are having a good time in France. 8-)

    Love x G x :-)

  • Totally ! Dy xxx

  • Cheers Dy love x G x :-)

  • Totally agree, Gwyn is fab !!!! xx

  • Thank you Kaz love x G x :-)

  • Dear Sue,

    Wow thank you for this lovely post on a day when I needed cheering :-D

    Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments too :-D

    I can feel a row of smilies coming on... Love to all x G x

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (oops one too many)

    How impressive is that ?

  • TLDR haha .. :) :) :) :)

    Wonderful .. Wonderful Gwyn .. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Haha Sue it took me ages to work that out :-O

    (Too Long Don't read) 8-) love x G x 8-)

  • You know what Gwyn .. here's a ;) for you. There is now another mystery... why has the shady lady with the warm glow gone missing? Let me have three guesses? No. 1 .. You needed a change? 2. You're showing us an actual pic of your Mother's Day flowers; 3. Was it your Birthday yesterday? I don't seem to be able to extract the date from you! Oops! Another, TLMR .. (Too Long Mightn't Read .. JMTU .. (Just Made That Up) ;) ) xxxxx

  • Haha Sue,

    All your guesses are wrong teehee, ;-) :-/

    I will explain on here later but I am in a bit of a rush at the moment...there is a very simple reason :-/ ;-)

    I am totally uncomplicated LOL :-D xx

  • Love the two "cheesey" grins Gwyn and the row of smiley faces --- you can never have enough of them.

    I think it's extremely impressive.

    You are one special lady. Love n hugs Izzystep xxxxxx

  • Thank you Izzystep ...They are a bit cheesy :-D :-D :-P

    Love x G x 8-) :-) :-) thought a few smilies would do no harm :-)

  • all the above.

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Thank you Wendy love x G x :-) :-)

  • What a wonderful post!! Thank you Sue for saying what we all feel. And thankyou 'Auntie Gwyn' ;-) Hee hee sorry Gwyn if that makes you sound old but I sometimes think of you as our beloved non agony aunt! ;-)


  • Hi MB....teehee ... I don't mind being an agony aunt... before I went to London (for last members day) everyone had me down as a little old lady hummmm! Now that's pretty worrying LOL :-/ ;-)

    By the way how is your camper van ? I never did get to post the poem I wrote about your camper van haha 8-) 8-) love x G x 8-)

  • Just noticed your updated 'profile pic' Gwyn, you look nothing like an old lady ;-). Dorothy has just been unSORNed so will be out and about again pretty soon!! Also i've been put on the insurance this time (left hand drive and a bit tricky to drive apparently!!) so watch out everyone!! :)

  • Haha MB aren't they beautiful flowers ? although I took the photograph a while after I received them so they were on their way out... the flowers are called "Glorious" (they are indeed)...I was sent these flowers last summer by a friend on this site.. at the time the site was going pear shaped with a good deal of nastiness (quite a lot of this aimed at me sad to say) anyway this friend sensed I needed a bit of support and cheering up, so sent me these.. I have never forgotten this wonderful gesture... I had a lot of support off others too I should doesn't take flowers to know this. but this particular person was having a hard time with treatment (still is) so she wasn't in a fit state to come on and support.. (I am not mentioning her name because I don't want it to seem as if she was taking sides) or that I am raking up old wounds.

    I wanted to replace my ""ugh" profile pic with these but it wouldn't work... but the other day I updated my iPad and lo and behold It worked LoL my iPad has gone haywire with other things though (I don't like change either) :-( but I have to get used to it all over again :-/ ;-) xx

  • Dear Gwyn,

    The flowers are gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful how powerful the kind act of a friend can be. :-)

  • Dear MB,

    I meant to say I am glad your camper Dorothy is going on the road again 8-)

    If you take nothing with you today ..just take one thing.. I don't know whether you have read the poem at the bottom of this page it is not written by me although I wish I had written it, I love it...It's called "SMILE" :-D

    I guarantee it will keep you happy all day.

    :-) :-D :-/ ;-) xx

  • Please may I second what you've written, Sue? How Gwyn finds the time I'll never know.

    Well done, Gwyn

    Love Solange :-).

  • Dear Solange,

    I tell you how I find the time LOL watching the dust pile up haha ;-) :-/

    Thank you love x G x :-)

  • Dear Solange... I think I've changed my mind about how I have the time... I never go to bed haha it is 1.45am zzzzzzz :-) ;-)

  • Hear hear! We take people for granted sometimes so what a lovely way to say thank you. And I'm so glad it cheered you up Gwyn when you needed it.



  • Thank you Caramel... How is your sister doing? (good I hope)

    Love x G x :-) :-)

  • Hi Gwyn, just to say that Carolyn is in a very good place at the moment. Her last scan showed that everything was stable so she felt fully able to celebrate her 50th birthday party in style. She chose to have a Great Gatsby theme and everyone turned up looking like gangsters and flappers despite Carolyn thinking that no-one would turn up (last minute jitters!). She looked stunning and it was a wonderful and emotional evening. Thank you for asking after her and I hope that all is good with you.

    Much love



  • Hi Melanie,

    This is so good to hear, I am glad she managed to celebrate her birthday ( they are special aren't they? )

    it sounded as if it was great ... and it must be lovely to have a sister like you love x G x :-)

  • Dear Gwyn,

    Thank you for your kindness, wisdom and your sense of fun. My life feels enriched for having met you

  • Cheers Lorraine, our techie friend :-)

    Love x G x :-) :-)

  • Ah, lovely Gwyn- I can only add my 'hear hear' and thanks to all that's written above!! Much love and all best wishes, Sxx

  • Thank you Sarah ...just don't stand next to me having a pic taken :-/ ;-) teehee Love x G x :-)

  • I heartily echo all the above posts Gwen is so knowledgable and sensitive - it does take a while for us relative 'newbies' to understand whether it is appropriate to post. Thanks again

  • Thank you rjhs... it's always appropriate to post :-/ ;-) love x G x :-)

  • Well said Sue!!

    Gwyn - you are such a lovely lady and I'm so glad to have met you in person. You radiate warmth and happiness. By the way I must download your wonderful birthday poem, it really made my day. Buckets full of hugs xxxxxxxxx :) :) :)

  • Thinking of you Colette and thank you.... I hope you get sunshine in the lakes love x G x 8-) 8-)

  • I couldn't agree more! Gwyn, you are one smart lady.


    Mary xx

  • Cheers Mary love x G x :-) :-)

  • Hear hear, I always read your responses/posts with interest, especially being a newbie on the site. It's good to know that there are people such as yourself willing to out the time in to reassure and guide others. Well done xx

    Dawn xx

  • Thank you Dawn love x G x :-) :-)

  • You are the backbone of this wonderful community Gwyn....a true star.

    Charlie xxxx

  • Thank you Charlie love x G x :-) 8-)

  • Great post Sue. I agree wholeheartedly. Gwyn writes all sorts of tributes and is always one of the first to offer advice. She is One in a million! Ann xo

  • Dear Ann... thank you so much I am overwhelmed by your kind comments

    now I am off to bed yawn 1.45am zzzzz ;-) :-/

    love x G x :-) 8-) :-)

  • Dear Gwyn, as we go through life there is always a shining light and for me you are that shining light on HU. You are everything this site is about. Love Gill xxx

  • Dear Gill,

    Thank you for that, wasn't it you that first remarked about my profile pic that although it was a silhouette (but not of me I am glad to say) that I had a sunny background (yellow) it turned it around for me and feel rather sad now it has gone :-( I started to like it from the moment you said that teehee TinaB just wrote more or less the same "Shady Lady with a Warm Glow" now I have changed it :-( if I took my flowers off then I might not get the sunny background haha 8-) 8-) love x G x :-) :-D

  • I'm glad you posted this, Sue. Gwyn you are a very special person, I am truly in awe of your ability to care about and know all about so many people! You are sensitive, kind and knowledgeable but at the same time not afraid to say what you believe in, however much flack you may draw for it.

    You make a huge contribution to making this site fun, too. Who would have thought that a site about Ovarian cancer could be fun, but this one has been. I still smile about your little old lady poem. People must think I'm simple minded, sitting there smiling into space - especially in my onc.s waiting room!

    Monique x ;-)

  • Haha Monique,

    I am so glad that you have lit up this thread with being here...

    If the little old lady poem makes you smile you should read Colette's recent birthday poem (you will find it tagged under poems on the righthand side of this thread) of course it doesn't reflect Colette at all but she has joined the pensioner brigade ( March 12th) so I thought it only fitting to give her a few tips LoL ;-)


    I must say at first I felt overwhelmed about this post that Sue posted.

    and felt it was all a bit of a white wash ( Soapsuds get it? Haha) :-D

    But soapsuds or not I am truly moved by the strength of feeling and thank you all for cheering my year... especially soapsuds Sue xx :-) :-)

    This isn't my poem (I wish I had written it) but I think it says it all..

    :-) :-D :-/ ;-) 8-) :-) :-D :-/ ;-) 8-) :-)

    Smiling is infectious,

    You catch it like the flu,

    When someone smiled

    at me today, I started smiling too.

    I passed around the corner,

    and someone saw me grin

    When he smiled I realized

    I'd passed it on to him! I thought

    about that smile, then I realized it's worth.

    A single smile just like mine,

    could travel round the Earth!

  • Aw that's just perfect Gwyn!! A smile is SO infectious!! And smiling is VERY good for the soul. Thank you. You don't have to have written it to claim it. ;-) I think I may claim it too!! :-D :-D :-D xxx

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