Off to RM Sutton tomorrow

Grrh, just lost the lengthy post I was typing. Still, it means I am no longer inspired to write at such length so you are spared! Lol.

DD, DH and I are off to RM Sutton tomorrow for the results of both scans (MRI and DEXA). Thankfully DH is at home between contracts and we will drive. (DD and I usually go by train as I hate driving long distances). I am concerned about the snow tomorrow though - heavy snow forecast for our area at 11am. We will be in Sutton before 10am, so that's okay and Sutton has only light snow forecast for the day. However, the travel on the way home might be tricky! Oh, well, we like adventures! :) :) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Honey, who is proud of her sunglasses smileys - thanks to Gwyn.

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  • Hi Honey,

    Sending you all my very best wishes for tomorrow,with plenty of sunshine 8-) 8-) 8-)

    lots of love and prayers x G x :-)

  • Thank you Gwyn 8-) 8-) 8-)

  • Hello Honey.

    I dont think I have read any off your bloggs before so I dont really know your situation If I have and I have forgotten then please forgive me I have a terrible memory these days.

    I Just wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow. I know going for scan results is very nerve racking . I pray for good news for you.

    Lots of love

    Suzanne. xxxx

  • Thank you Suzanne. DD diagnosed with huge cyst on left ovary - size of a large melon - in April 2010. She was 16. Cyst removed and cancer not spread. Then another cyst popped up and it was removed in August 2010 along with omentum where there were visible dodgy cells, her appendix and some lymph nodes. Remarkably she still has most of her left ovary and all of her right one. They avoided doing a hysterectomy but she has two benign cysts between womb and bladder and one on the wall of the bowel in the pouch of Douglas plus some endometriosis. In April 2011 she had a laparoscopy to have some biopsies of cells because one of the cysts had grown. She is on treatment that, whilst it hasn't shrunk the cysts keeps the growth at bay and means she does not have to have a hysterectomy or a colostomy bag which would have to be permanent. On November 9th 2012 she had an op to remove an endometriosis cyst that was causing her so much pain her bowel it was waking her up in the early hours, every night. Pain has gone completely. In addition to this she has ME and Fibromyalgia. She is incredibly brave, never complains and is an inspiration.

    Honey xxxx

  • Thank you for sharing this with me. It must be so awful for her and for you to have to go through all this. Your are right she is very very brave. I am so sorry that you are all going through all this my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope you get some good news soon.

    lots and lots of hugs and love

    suzanne. xxxxxx

  • Thank you Suzanne xxxx

  • Dear Honey

    I hope the journey and the visit to the RM in Sutton go well for you and your daughter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on all counts. You haven't set a location but say it's a long way to Sutton. Hope the journeys go well.

    Love Annie xx

  • Thank you Annie xxx

  • Dear Honey

    I hope all goes as well as possible tomorrow, with the scan results and the travel. Will be sending hugs and wishes for you all, especially DD :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you Wendy 8-)

    Love Honey xx

  • Hello Honey,

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow,

    Hope the journey is not to difficult as well.

    Finger's are crossed for you.

    Love Trish x x

  • Thank you Trish xx

  • Sending you my best wishes for tomorrow Honey.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thank you Mary xx

  • Honey

    Very best wishes to you both

    love and cyberhugs

    Charlie xxx

  • Thank you Charlie xxx

  • Oh best of luck Honey - for scan results of course, also the trip! Drive carefully. Take lots of blankets/ warm gear to keep DD warm, seriously - just in case, maybe a hot flask of something too, and refill especially for that return trip. Fingers crossed for positive results...


    Sue xxx

  • Thank you Sue, went prepared and all was well - snow not as bad as expected. xxxx

  • Damn! Just lost my post too!

    Good luck today Honey! And wishing you good weather! We have had snow here already! My lovely bin man, collecting recycling yesterday, came back later with a nice big cardboard box that he flattened and tucked under my wipers to keep the screen clear. He is "keeping an eye on me" because I get weekly "medical collections"! Aren't people kind!

    Good luck & love

    Margaret xxxxxx

  • Glad it's not just me who sends posts into cyber space never to be seen again! We saw two postmen in SHORTS today - loopy! What a nice bin man! I dated one once!

    Thank you for your good wishes, all went well - see my latest blog post.

    Love, Honey xxxx

  • No accounting for the fashion sense of youth! LOL

  • PS How did today go?

  • Sorry! just saw!

  • Just read your reply to Suzanne! Oh how hard this must be for you! Much worse when it is your daughter! Keeping everything crossed for a good result today!


  • Hi Honey,

    My thoughts are with you- it's all stressful enough without having to deal with the weather as well.

    Let us know how you get on

    Anne x

  • Thank you Anne. Latest blog post is up - all went well :0 xx

  • Hi Honey

    Hope you have got to the hospital safely and they haven't kept you and DD too long.

    Have a safe trip home.

    Love and prayers

    Anne xx

  • Thank you Anne-2. Latest blog post is up - all went well :-D xx

  • Hi Honey,

    I hope everything went well for you today and that the snow wasn't as bad as expected.

    It's always worse when it's your child, we went thru' it about 10yrs ago when our daughter had a brain tumour.

    Thinking of you all

    Chris xx

  • Thank you Chris. So sorry to hear about your daughter. It is so hard as a mother to watch your child suffer. All went well today - see latest blog post xxx

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