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Feeling rotten

Hi all,

I am ever so sorry, but I am having a moan! I am still waiting to hear what the next step is going to be in my treatment, hopefully I will hear something tomorrow or Thursday as my scans etc have been forwarded from my local MDT to the one at Leeds' centre of excellence and their MDT meeting is Wednesday.

In the meantime, I feel absolutely awful. I can't eat more than once a day at the most, I am trying to keep liquids going in as often as possible. I have had the most awful headache for almost three days now (it is paining me to write this) and even tramadol isn't touching it. I woke yesterday morning and vomitted bile for a while and have felt, but not been, sick since.

My ovarian mass when measured three weeks ago was pretty much a square foot all round, so pretty big. I would guess that it has grown since then too. The CT scan showed it to be septated and therefore the consultant is unable to tell what its properties are.

I know that there is nothing you lovely people can do, and compared to many what I am going through is nothing, however I do feel truly dreadful and I am not usually a big whinger. I am assuming that feeling this awful is par for the course with what is going inside me, however I don't know if I should be contacting the doctor, or simply manning up and dealing with it.

Sorry for the moan x


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Hi Marthaperson, please ring Ruth the Ovacome nurse or see your gp or go to a and e.  Possibly you are getting dehydrated if you arent able to eat or drink much.  You are now moaning at all, I would feel you need to get medical advice and attention.  This is not meant to frighten you in any way but you just cant continue like this.  Sending you a big hug

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Hi Marthasperson! I'm so sorry to hear you are not doing well.  I'm new to this site and find it very encouraging. Just wanted to say that I wish you the very best & hope you can get relief soon! Blessings to you!  I just went through my first round of chemo so I'm about to post a good whine, in case it makes me feel better! ;)

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Hi Marthasperson

We are all with you and I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so rotten but hopefully someone from the hospital will come to your rescue soon but contact your GP, as I do when it gets a bit much - the pain etc - and at least you will feel someone else knows how you are feeling.

A big hug and hope it gets better soon.



On two occasions, once at the point of diagnosis and again whilst waiting for treatment to begin,  ended up at A&E having exhausted all other sources of help. I felt that my symptoms had worsened and I was unable to cope with out help.

On both occasions A&E were brilliant. They recognised that I was at the end of my tether and I had tried everywhere else before going to them. They assured me that they were there for exactly that situation. Each time I was admitted which I did not want but which I definitely needed. They able to deal with my symptoms swiftly and effectively. I was so glad I had gone.

I tell you this story because I felt I had to put up with the pain and discomfort I had been experiencing. It was not easy for me to go to A&E because like an idiot I thought I should be able to cope.

Do not make the same mistake as me. The worse that can happen is that you will be reassured that everything is to be expected.

Love Juliax


Hi Martharsperson, you're not moaning at all, you're feeling rotten and need to let off steam.  I'm so sorry you're feeling so ill.  I can't offer you any advice other than what's already been suggested so I'm just going to send you a gentle cyber hug instead.  Xx


Another hug from central California. Where else can you whine? 

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Hi there marthasperson

What you are feeling is quite normal. The not eating much and drinking little could be the reason behind your headache. I try to drink water at room temperature as I can drink more in one go, although it is still not nearly as much as I should have. 

I have to say my appetite isn't  much better. I am now on protein drinks "nutrisip" from the doctors. Maybe ask about them so at least u getting some goodness. It just might help. 

With reference the pain, again give the doctors a ring and get some different medication, don't just suffer unnecessary. There are lots of other things that can be tried. I found a combination of paracetamol, tramadol and nefapan did the trick. The hospital tried me on liquid morphine but it didn't really suit me. It's best to get this sorted before your pain gets any worse. 

I had ascites which caused the most pain, if you have fluid in your abdomen then ask about getting it drained to alleviate pain. 

Hope you hear something soon so at least you will know what ur dealing with. My nurse specialist rang me straight after the MDT meeting and an appointment to discuss was made the next day. Fingers crossed it will be tomorrow when you hear something, 

Do let us know what the outcome is?

Sending virtual hugs, 



Hi there Marthasperson.  I'm not going to add anything to what has already been said/advised apart from ..... don't ever apologise for moaning, you are feeling rotten, the majority of us, if not all, have been where you are now, done that, got the t-shirt and found that this is one place that you can come for a moan/rant, call it what you will and get empathy and support.  That's what we do here, emphathise, support and send lots of cyber hugs (BIG ONES)!  Hope you do get to see someone soon and get some relief.  Wishing you well Kathy xx - oh and sending a BIG HUG your way xx

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Hi Marthasperson

Just to let you know you are not alone in that really awful wait for the next step. I was told of a possible recurrence in Mar and have my very first meeting with the reviewing oncologist tomorrow morning. I am really not looking forward to it . I was just wondering if the stress of waiting is putting you off your food as stress can do that . You do need to drink plenty of liquids as dehydration can give you a headache. However as the other women have said you probably need to discuss it with your medical team or your GP. Take care and take that next step



Hi there, 

Did you hear anything today??


Definitely go to your GP or A&E to get some relief and also some liquid and nutrition ; they might hook you up to an IV which hopefully helps with the headaches, and/or give you anti-sickness meds like Vomex/MCP/Zofran.

If the cyst puts pressure on your stomach and/or bowel, maybe they can do something else to help with that.

Hopefully not much longer until the op but I'd say this: You definitely want this surgery performed in a center of excellence, a specialist hospital where they have experience with ovarian issues and debulking surgery, by a gynae oncologist. So it's not such a bad thing for your medical team to look towards the center for help.

Just please ask that they make you comfortable during the wait. 


Hi Marthasperson,

Did u hear anything from the nurse specialist yet?? Hope you have to put your mind at rest.

Mandy. Xx


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