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Hi Everyone. I haven't had chemo for almost 5 weeks now. I had decided to completely stop and take what's left but my Oncologist talked me out of that decision. I still want to stop but can't tell him. So I had just Carboplatin 5 weeks ago. Couldn't have it on the 3rd week as my white cells are down. I am due more on Tuesday after my bloods are checked Monday.

The question I have is I feel tummies and sicky most of the time. There are periods of the day when I'm ok and it goes when I go to bed. But when it's there it's awful.... as I know many of you will know. But should I still be feeling so horrid? The antisickness tablets work to take edge off for an hour or so but then it's back. Just wondered if this is normal... I'm so frightened of any weird symptoms. Like I'm guessing we all are.

Just need reassuring really so hoping one or two of you may be able to reassure me!!

I'm suffering from awful depression feel utterly sad and burst into tears regularly but feel that's good to let the sadness out.

I've known for a long time I'm going to die from this illness but it seems so real suddenly. Everyone is trying to buoy me up for Christmas but I feel nothing.

I watched the BFG tonight and cried when in a scene the little girl got out of bed and put her feet into her slippers.... I remember doing that as a little girl and it just broke my heart. Ridiculous!! It's all the little things suddenly becoming huge to me.

Sorry to go on but all day I have felt empty.

Thank you for reading xxxx

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Yes I feel exactly the same the sickness is awful I had my last chemo 7th October and the sickness has got worse not better... I've been to gp who has prescribed more anti sickness and loads of anti acid meds ... Macmillan have suggested that it's the damage to the nerves that stimulate the vomiting reflex sorry if that is too much information... I am hoping for improvement soon 😳 Look after yourself and feel better soon xx


Thank you so much for reassuring me. I so needed that. I kept telling myself it was the cancer in my stomach!!

Sounds like your going through the mill too... it's awful isn't it?

I feel so silly but it grinds you down mentally as well!! All the best to you and..... Thank you xxxx


Don't feel silly your not alone ... it's awful I think more so because you expect to feel better I've been sick more off chemo than I was on it lol😏 Constantly feeling sick is very wearing it drags you down more than anything else I think... I am hopeful it will come to an end xx


I never had sickness but appreciate how awful it must be. You hit a nerve with your comment about being a lititle girl. I've had several childhood memories that brought me to tears. I thought it was just me. Sending hug and really hope you find some respite from the sickness xx


I'm glad I'm not the only one getting teary over the past. it just hits me the silly little things. I miss my mum dreadfully she died just after my op and diagnosis. I'd give anything to talk to her. I see to Cyprus over everything!!! Take care....Take care xxxxx


I had awful sickness and nausea and remember saying to my husband that I couldn't go through chemo again.....but I did and it's an awful experience when you are beset with those horrid side effects. My beloved mother died very unexpectedly in August this year just after my last chemo and that devastated me.....more than my cancer diagnosis did. So I also completely understand how you want her near to be able to talk with her and share with her....and hug her. Mums tell us it will be alright and somehow that helps doesnt it? If you close your eyes you'll hear her say how proud she is of you and everything you're going through I'm sure.

I think if you can find someone to talk with that may help you, depression is hard and if you can please ring MacMillan or somewhere similar to arrange a one to one.

I had lots of anti sickness but was still left feeling horrid, yucky etc. I also tried wearing travel wrist bands so get someone to pick you up a pair to see if that helps too. Just lie or sit with your feet up, sip cold good quality traditional lemonade, nibble on ginger biscuits - even if that takes hours to eat a whole one!!

Don't feel pressured that you should feel ok, try not to put pressure on yourself either! Some people don't suffer side effects but some of us do and whilst it WILL get better it's hard at the time,

Thinking of you and sending you a big hug




I'm so sorry you are having a tough time. Chemo is a merciless treatment. Feeling sick is awful and sounds like you got more than your fair share. If you haven't already might be a good idea to get different meds. I've changed to cyclizine anti sickness and they seem to help. Not sure if this works or not but I keep a pack of arrowroot biscuits at my bedside .... Something I remembered from having morning sickness.

I've started to make a lot of smoothies with fruit and flax and chia seeds to help boost energy and my immune system . Not sure how much it works but might be worth a try.

This illness and treatment is very tough and enough to grind you down but having to deal with a bereavement on top of everything, especially your mum, is very difficult and my heart goes out to you. Maybe think about calling Macmillan or call into a MAggies centre if you live close to one.

Thinking of you and remember the treatment and it's horrible side effects will pass.

All the very best,

Sarah xx


Sucking ice or eating ice lollies may help with sickness. I expect you've tried ginger? I found chewing a tiny bit of fresh ginger helped. Sorry to hear you are feeling so down. I try to get out for a walk every day as that helps lift my mood.


Hi there lots of good advise by the other ladies, I just wanted to give you a big hug as its horrible feeling so unwell and it drags you down mentally and physically, big hugs and hope you feeling a bit better soon




I would suggest adjusting your anti sickness meds and maybe something to tackle the depression. You don't need to be suffering xx

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I can't give you any advice re: sickness as i've been lucky to avoid having chemo, but I just wanted to say that you are most certainly not alone. It sounds like you're in a tough place at the moment and as much as those around you are trying to 'gee you up', it's just not something you can muster right now. And that's ok. There are times when i've been where you have been, but because of the death of my darling Mum...I can appreciate how isolating and hopeless it can feel. I would strongly advise speaking with one of your medical team that you know and trust (whether that's your GP, Onc, CNS) and maybe even try and get yourself a referral to a specialist counsellor who you can perhaps talk with. It might help you manage the depression a little and you should have access to this as part of your ongoing treatment. As for the sickness, you've already been given some good advice and I truly hope some of that helps. Try and be kind to yourself, but don't allow yourself to shut down. Whenever things look completely hopeless, reach out to someone. Sending you a very big, hearty ((hug)) over the airwaves hun. You always have us :) Stay strong for yourself xx

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Hi, I have suffered with all sorts of tummy upsets and sickness when going through and after chemo.

I find apple juice is good and the one thing that always sorts me out is cider Apple vinegar in warm water, sipping that seems to work when all else fails.

Cancer is a B and Christmas is an emotional time anyway, and anything can set us off. I cry over little things also.

Wishing you well. Trix


When I recurred I had sudden overwhelming thoughts of this is it. It was a real chill down the spine feeling but I did come out the other side of it. I was at work and suddenly thought I don't want this to be it. I had suffered with awful sickness and stomach issues. I stil get very sicky feelings which a dry biscuit helps. Where there is life there is hope. We can only all do our best. I think that the problem with cancer is in the mind there is an end date when in reality without that heads up tomorrow isn't promised anyway

Sending you positive vibes and oodles of nice thoughts

LA xx

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