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So today my 22 year old son went for his counselling and BRAC blood test. Im praying for his sake and any future children he may father (though not just yet please I need him to continue getting good results in his final year at Uni!) that the result is negative plus Im not sure exactly how I'll deal with the guilt of having put him in this siutation. He's extremely level headed, I love him so much and Im so proud of him and how hard he works to get to where he wants to be. I'd never thought about it fully before but this afternoon it hit me. My daughter is still in thinking about getting tested, and has decided to have her family first giving me three beautiful grandchilren. Its at times like this I hate this hand we've been dealt....... 

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That's a tough call. I haven't handed in my paperwork yet, but dreading the potential knock on effect if it's positive. We worry about our children more than ourselves. I hope the results are good.

LA xx


Thanks Lily-anne. hope you are doing ok x


Good luck with your son's test result. Hoping it is negative but if not he is at least informed and can make decisions based on that information. I have three children - my two girls tested positive and my son tested negative. I also run a BRCA support group. Happy to answer any questions you may have xx

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Hope the results are negative I have heard though that they can remove the gene now in uterus for future generations to be BRCA free. Wishing you all the best xxx Trish 


I hope all is ok luv,my kids can't get it from me,but we have found my husbands mother died of ovarian cancer and her mother as well so we have just sent off the paperwork for my daughter and son to be tested.

This disease is evil and may there soon be a way of stopping future generations suffering as we do,

Best of luck, be thinking of you,

Carole xxx


Knowledge is power ! Keep that on repeat in your mind.  It's the one thing that keeps me from breaking down.  

If only I had known then maybe I would not be in this position.  My granny died when she was only 44 leaving behind 8 children.   We didn't know at the time it was BRCA and it hadn't raised its head until me.   My daughter has tested positive and in the system to have for preventative surgery. Massive decisions for a 23 year old.  My genetic counsellor was fantastic really helped me deal with it all.  It's opened a can of worms in my family as there are now  another 6 people that have tested positive.  On a bad day I sometimes still feel like I've brought it to them and I am responsible.  I know I'm not but still my mind wanders to that dark place at times   

My son said he wanted to be tested when he was 18 but thankfully he hasn't mentioned it again and I'm going to leave it until he does.  My youngest daughter is only 12 and I know if he tests positive it will really panic her as she already is convinced she will have it. She's a worrier.  

I hope your son gets a negative test result but going back to my opening comment - knowledge is power !    

I know this sounds really morbid but during the early days when I was struggling to deal with this I used to think if this cancer takes my life at least my children will know if they have the gene and take preventative measures to save themselves.   My daughter has been referred to fertility clinic for PGD. This could mean she can eliminate it from her family.  

If I can be of any help with info just let me know.  

Prayers for negative results xox 


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