Went to see the specialist and he explained everything about my Borderline Tumour. Going for internal exam every 6 months and will need a hysterectomy in 5-10 years as im still in 30's. He also said that im high risk of getting a cancer around my womb area when im older, so i suppose hysterectomy would be best for my future. He says internal exam is all that is needed, but how can he keep an eye on my remaining ovary??

Feeling possitive and recovering well.

Louise. Xx :-)

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  • Hi Louise,

    This is good news.....let him worry about keeping an the moment things are looking good x G x

  • Hi Louise. Good news indeed that your medical team is keeping such a close eye on things for you. You concentrate on keeping everything else in your life as healthy as, exercise, looking after yourself emotionally and try to keep as relaxed as possible. Long may things remain in control.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thankyou ladies. Xxx :-)

  • This looks to be the best news Louise. Tough, I know, to be dealing with this so young, but it all seems to be managed properly. I can only wish you all the luck and good health you deserve.

    xxxx Annie

  • Thankyou Annie. Xx

  • I remember my oncologist saying a standard x-ray would reveal whether an ovary is enlarged. There's also CA125 tests if that works for you. The best thing is to put it out of your mind for now and concentrate on your recovery and plans for the future.

    lots of love xxx Annie

  • Great news Louise!

    Keep up the checks but, in between, concntrate on living lif to the full!

    Good Luck



  • This sounds like good news Louise and it seems as if you are getting good care. Do feel free to ask your consultant if anything is making you anxious. You have been very courageous facing up to this when you are so young. I hope you will be able to relax now and get on with your life.

    Love & best wishes

    Mary xx

  • Thankyou Mary. X

  • Hi there, My problems started with a borderline mucinous Tumor in 2010. I was undiagnosed during a pregnancy and ruptured before I had the surgery to remove it. When the results came back as borderline I did go on to have a complete hysterectomy even though I was 32 at the time- I was lucky to have 2 daughters already. I got a second opinion at the royal marsden before the hysterectomy. They recommended 3 month follow up with pelvic exam and ca 125 blood test, even though we did not know it was a marker for me or not.

    Unfortunately I went on to have reoccurrence 14 months after the hysterectomy but they say this is rare with borderline tumors. It was picked up by pain and slowly raising ca 125 then seen on scans.

    I hope sharing my story has helped a little

  • Hello Heffmeister. Hearing your story has helped. Im sorry to hear or your reocurrence, is it still borderline??

    Louise. X

  • Hi Louise,

    No sadly it came back as fully invasive. There seems to be some doubt now as to whether my original tumour was borderline or had a small invasive part. I did get the slides reviewed by the royal marsden who agreed it was borderline but a third pathologist looked at them again last year before I entered a drugs trial for chemo treatment and thought he could see a small invasive part! The tumor was very large ( football sized) so maybe they didn't sample enough of it- who knows? I am a bit of a medical mystery really. I didn't respond to two complete regimes of chemotherapy but I'm happy to tell you I was successfully operated on in July this year and they managed to remove all the disease and then give me chemo directly into my abdominal cavity. I just had a clear CT scan result a few data ago :-)

    Do you know what type of tumor you had?

  • Sorry should read few DAYS ago x

  • Good to hear you had a clear CT. Lets hope and pray it stays that way. :-)

    I had a 35cm mucinous tumor.

    Louise x

  • 35cm? wow that's quite large.

    Will you be having chemo, or did you have the cyst removed only?

    LA x

  • Very large, it felt like a full term pregnancy.No chemo needed, as borderline tumors are aparently not cancerous. All cells contained in the tumor thank god.


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