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What stars you are

Hello all you lovely ladies . 

Having been "nosing "over a while at all posts and stories it makes me feel very humble and very lucky to be here , and thankfully I am one of the lucky ones . 

There is hope and there is progress going on and things are moving . 2008 

I was diagnosed , low grade but all the normal surgery age 42 . TAH and all gubbings gone and immediate menopause . 8 years on , HRT , breakdown of my marriage . But am still here ! 

It will always be with me , it has caused my whole life to change , as this wicked disease does , but we have to move on and not let it get the better of us . Never . 

You ladies make me smile every day with your courage and your determination . Go for it . Wishes and hugs x

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What a great post! Glad you are well, you've been through a lot over the past years and it's great that you are so positive. Lots of lovely people here so feel free to post when you like.  We love success stories ! 

Keep on smiling!



Morning, thanks for posting.  I'm a low grader as well, diagnosed borderline three and a half years ago and recurred with low grade a year ago.  I did six sessions of chemo and am now on letrazole.  I had my three month check up yesterday and my CA125 has increased by three points since Jan.  Only a small increase I know and still within normal range but it has unnerved me a bit.  Your post has made me feel so much better this morning, thanks, Kerry xx


Yay, go you! 

Fantastic post and good to see a woman demonstrating her inner strength, the one that you don't know about until you need it. 

All the best for your positive future 



Ah bless you all ladies . Glad that's helped a bit . Cancer can be a lonely place even if you have friends and family around you because it's only that person that is dealing with it .Keep smiling and keep fighting we will get the bugger in the end .

Hope everyone has a good day

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Thanks for posting this.  I'm following in your footsteps I'm also 42 and just been diagnosed with low grade.  Hopefully I'll be as good as you in 8 years time, apart from the divorce bit 😉. 

Michelle x 


Your post gives such hope to so many. It is good to have you back sharing good news. Keep it up . Sometimes when we read old posts or don't hear from someone I think we fear the worst. The reality may well be lots of women like you who are brave survivors of this as you call it " wicked " disease. It would be great to have more long term survivors cheering us on .  Keep posting now and then.


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HI Janip, thanks for your post.  Today we need a lot of positivity.  But hopefully new drugs will come on track for those not doing so well at the moment.  We never know what is around the corner.  Mind yourself and best wishes


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