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Give back when you are better

I'm "cured" they tell me but you never know what the future will bring. I'm optimistic and am putting this all behind me. I remember panicking when reading this blog because everyone talked about their recurrences and asked " doesn't anybody not have a recurrence?" Someone wonderful explained that when ladies are well they tend to stop accessing the blog. I still read and respond when appropriate, each and every day, and I encourage other lucky ladies to give back as well. The

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Lovely post and you're right that ladies either stop posting for many reasons or keep posting to help others and keep an eye on any new developments in treatments etc. Plus this is a safe place to ask questions when you're not quite sure about something.

It's hard sometimes to live in the Now and again I agree that we don't know what lies ahead so it's good to be able to help others who are just starting on their journey.

Hope you are well and continue to be so xx

Clare 😀


I am one of the lucky ones is now five years since my op and have just been told I am now cancer free so I have been 'signed off' as my oncologist called it. I feel I have been given a second chance in life and now I am retired my husband and I are taking lots of holidays and enjoying our time together.

I feel quite guilty that so many of you are having a struggle with OC and I am now fully recovered,but it wasn't easy getting this far and I have had my own struggle. That is why I continue to read posts and feel that I may be able to give my help and advice whenever possible.

My oncologist said if ever I am feeling unwell or worried about anything to give her a ring and she will get back to me, so that is a great relief to know.

I hope you continue to stay well for many years to come

Lynda 🎄X🎄


Oh that guilt ! I feel guilty sometimes that mine was 'caught' at an early stage so what 'right' do I have to advise!!! That's CRAZY isn't it? We are all in the OC 'club', every one of us has gone through shock, disbelief, treatment of one sort or another, etc etc

I love reading from ladies who are many months or years out from their treatment, that's a real boost so please keep posting when you can.

Take care and have a fab Christmas

Clare xx


Hi Clare I must add I never thought I would get to this stage of cancer free..I always felt I would be the unlucky one that had a recurrence as I do get pains and stomach problems from time to time. SO I have to move on and accept this is how I will be after OC. My oncologist says these problems are due to the major surgery OC involves.

I do hope your pains will be the same results as mine and wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Take Care

Lynda 🎄

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Hi Lynda, congratulations on being signed off, that is great news. It will be five years for me in May 2017, just one more CT scan. I've only just found this forum and I'm blown away by how supportive and helpful everyone is. I feel guilty about not spending enough time reading and answering posts! I do dip in every few days and if I can offer any help or advice I will.

best wishes for the future x



Hi Bridget,

Hope you are well and fingers crossed you also get

'Signed off' next year. I was given the choice of continuing

With annual check ups or if I felt strong enough to go it

alone, so that's what I have chosen. my onc said to give her

a ring if anything troubles me in the that's a relief

to know. It's a good feeling at the moment being cancer

free and I hope it continues for many years.

Happy Christmas 🎄


thanks Lynda, I hope it continues for many years for you too. I didn't think there might be option of continuing with annual check ups, but if they do give me the choice I think I would do same as you, though it will feel a bit odd and a bit scary.

Happy Christmas


What was your journey? Please. I need some hope to hang on to!!

Best wishes for your future.

Anthea x


Hello Anthea it is now 6yrs since my diagnosis when my horrible journey began. I had a massive ovarian cyst, the size of a full term baby and stage 1 clear cell ovarian cancer. Luckily I'm still here thanks to my medical team. Looking back it was a very unpleasant difficult time and I never expected to get to the stage I'm at today, feeling energetic once more. The surgery has left me with gastro / stomach problems but at least I'm still alive and cancer free.

Although the worry of it coming back will never leave me, I try to enjoy each day as much as I can even if it's only going for a walk.

Hope your journey is not too difficult at the moment.



Hi love,

I am NED after 22 months, but I am drawn to the site, not in any way but because I have made good friends and want to keep in touch .

Doesn't matter to me what ladies are in their journey,if I can have input,I will ,otherwise I will keep schtum.

I'm not so dumb or smug to think I won't have a recurrence,so I won't stop giving advice if I think it is valid, as I get so much advice back from all you lovely ladies.

Apparently I am "cured', but would prefer to be a glass half empty person,just getting on with life best to my ability,

Want to keep in touch,

Carole xxx


I'm 2 years in remission, I found this site, relatively recently, and quite by accident and wish I'd found it while I was poorly and having treatment and been able to draw on the strength and knowledge that is here on a daily basis.

You ladies are wonderful and inspirational and now feel like family. We've all been on the same journey (I don't like that expression but it is apt) and are all at different stops along the way, my journey isn't finished even though they say I'm cured, who knows what we'll see along the way? We can do it together, 'girl power' as they say.

Stay strong all you lovely ladies ❤️Xx🎄Jane


I warmed to this 'chatter' as it triggered that reflection that none of us are likely to meet, we could pass each other in the street and not know - but we are all drawn together because of something horrid.....and yet this 'horrid common thread' results in some wonderfully knowledgeable and compassionate sharings.

My 'common' thread today is the good length of remission (3years so far) after second recurrence and whilst I don't read through everydays postings I try to do a quick scan and just make time to write when there is something I feel may help or be useful. I sense many of us are very similar in this?

Final note - am feeling very jealous of these lovely festive icons...must get exploring!

With love, Lesley

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Good for you! You're so right, it's important to give back a bit of encouragement, experience and information. There are some of us out here who are still well. I had ovarian cancer 15 years ago and I'm still well. I was a bit put off posting when a member on here said that she didn't know why I was still posting.....implied I should get on with life and get 'outta here'. However, I still answer the odd query and support when I can.

I'm so glad you're well. This journey certainly gives us an appreciation of the simple truths in life, doesn't it?

Love Wendy xx


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