Sunday Break

HI Ladies and Naimish and any other gents on this site looking for advice. It is cloudy with bits of sunshine here in Cork, on the South Coast of Ireland. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday doing whatever they fancy. If you are feeling poorly after treatment remember you will be okayish again after a few days. I am very lucky to have a cousin who is taking me out for a cuppa later. Had a busy week with visitors etc so today its time for me to chill. Happy Sunday to every one!!!!!

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  • Hi luv,

    Glad you are having a good time, I am just clearing up from a bar b que at ours yesterday in the sun.

    We had a group of dear friends over that have supported me through all the grief.It was a pleasure to cater for them,it was hard work, but we had a laugh and it went on from 12 till 11, so I guess they had a good time.

    My sons girlfriend gave us a fabulous canvas of the wedding in turkey and we were also given a framed photo of our time in Dubrovnik with friends, we also have enough flowers to deck out a florist,so more lovely memories.

    Memories are what make it all worth it and hope anyone going through a bad time can hold onto this.

    Happy Sunday to you and all the Warriors

    Carole xxx

  • Yes its the good memories that get us through the bad days. I am glad you had a nice time with your friends and family

  • Hi Suzuki, I went out for Sunday lunch with my husband 6 weeks late . We had planned to go out on our wedding anniversary but I was unwell thankfully at long last I am starting to feel well again so a lot of catching up to do. We have nothing but rain here in the Midlands of Ireland today . I hope you have a lovely afternoon out and I hope everyone else is also . Kittie

  • Well you got there and that is the most important thing, I went out for an hour with my cousin. Waterford won the match yesterday so hubby is happy as he comes from there.

  • I've been out Pokemon hunting with my girls this afternoon! I was even very adventurous and went on my scooter so I could keep up with them. It's the most energetic I've been since my op.

    Sitting with my feet up now, enjoying a cuppa, surfing the net and reading a novel all at the same time 😊

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  • I am glad you had a good day, yes its the new craze hunting Pokemon, well its keeping the children and the child in us occupied how bad!

  • My husband is locked out of his Pokemon account - he's devastated!

  • I dont have one, my laptop battery needs replacing so it overheats at the moment. No they would never get me up off the seat

  • Hi Suzuki, I trust you enjoyed the rest of your day and the coffee date with your cousin. Ann xo

  • Hi Joan, trust that your coffee date turned out to be a stress buster. While on stress, you and many others have categorically thumped in a post of yesterday that stress can increase cancer risks...... If true, wont the fact that cancer being foremost on every ones mind be a huge stress even if its latent? Shouldnt we take a leaf out of Deb's post and try and instill some humour in our chats? Just a thought .......meditation also helps a great deal.

    Now that my wife is NED , how will we take it, in case of a recurrence. I was in two minds if I should start preparing her for it in bits and pieces , since she has no clue on recurrences. But having read the posts on stress, I reckon its better that she stays in the happy frame of mind she is just now, save the neuropathy and fatigue.

    I welcome comments from our Warriors.


  • HI Naimish well the posts today are certainly full of humour and appreciation and gratefulness in finding we can do other stuff, like enjoy our pets and gardens etc, One lady has said a day out is a welcome distraction and that is good. I agree we were getting far too serious but perhaps someone was feeling that way and posted and had a rant and felt the better for it. We do need to instill humour because without it, we cant get through this. Great your wife is NED and I hope she will remain that way for time to come. The fatigue will go in about 6 months to a year. For the neuropathy some ladies have got Sketchers and found them comfy to wear, you get them in a sports shop. Otherwise a sandal with an anti stress sole. Of course my favourite advice is soak the feet or the body in a bath for twenty minutes adding a cup of epsom salts, I think someone else has added Lavender along the way, how bad. I went for a spin in Lovely West Cork yesterday, to mountains and lakes and it was peaceful. Debs is very funny and her piece yesterday was great, we need more posts like that. It was the long weekend here and today on Bank Holiday Monday it was raining. So I took photos of my flowers so colourful in the rain and posted them on facebook , they went down well. I hope your wife continues to feel stronger and she is indeed very lucky to have such a great husband.

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