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more chemo, getting discouraged

Hi, catscan last week catscan showed through masses in vagina one is deep, also surgery for removal of lesion on vulva,  metastasized ovarian, also surrounding tissue showed cells. Been off chemo for three months, so thank-ful for break, dreading chemo Weds, over the past five years I Know it has gotten rid of cancer on the diaphram and colon, my third oldest is graduating highschool and youngest is twelve , only in first grade when i started this part of his normal life, guess I am just venting, I pray for it to go away for all of us! Has any one had radiation  for this area.  any new treatments, I was tested for braca,it was negative, Thank-you, Rose

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I have no experience of mets in these areas. Sorry you are back on the treatment merry-go-round already. Chin up and hope treatment is successful for you. X x


Hello sorry to hear this and that you are going back on chemo. I'm halfway through 3rd line. It does get easier when you know you are partway through and can start looking forward to getting some energy back. What chemo will you be having?


Thank-you , I will be back on taxter, I was on that for almost a year , I get sick but I  know not as sick as carbo and taxter which I was on for 5 months first, eyebrows and hair finally coming in hoping they still grow on taxter


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