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Hi friends just thought I'd let you know I'm still in the land of the very tired most of the time mornings are my best by late afternoon I'm totally done daughter had me out in the wheelchair on Friday which was very nice.shaved my head on Sunday as I couldn't bear bits of hair in my mouth.itsbeen nice to see the sunshine..I do sometimes wonder if I made the right choice about the treatment but I do think I was right.its not easy but what in life is.well I send you all my love and good luck with all your treatments love Carolyn xxx

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  • Hi Carolyn, lovely to hear from you and your update. I did the same to avoid hairs in my mouth. Why is it when they fall out of your head they're prickly?

    It's good to have the support of your family to get you out. I have a wheelchair too which I use to avoid standing, and a mobility scooter which gives me more independence.

    It's good you're listening to your body and resting when you need to. Take care, and keep in touch! xxxx love Annie

  • I have the same thoughts about treatment, am so torn, part of me just wants to crack on and the other wants to say enough, I'm so tired, everything wears me out and have lots of pain today in my hips and back. I feel twice my age right now.

    The spring does help with mood lifting though, and it's lovely you have been out and about, hope you have a lovely day

    LA xx

  • Hi Carolyn,it's wonderful to be out,I've wheelchair also but only use it if I'm wrecked! The question is,have you a better quality of life without treatment? Are you enjoying it more? You seem to be doing the right thing for you and there is always treatment options further down the rd.Have a nice cup of tea and cake the next time your out and think of us poor mortals who have to avoid them!! Hugs xxx 

  • So hoping you can enjoy the mornings.  Can you see signs of spring?  Thinking of you.  Vx

  • Just sending you lots of love & peace in your heart & days of sunshine to recuperate in xxx

  • Nice to hear from you, glad you were able to get out in the spring sunshine.  I hope you are eating well to regain your strength.  I also wish you happiness and peace, the long evenings are coming in so the days will be brighter

  • Good to hear from you.  Glad you're enjoying this wonderful time of year - hope it recharges your batteriesearch for a bit more energy. X X x

  • Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know how you are. Spring does help doesn't it and I am glad you got out x

  • Great to hear you are out and about , Sunshine never fails to lift our spirits ! Sounds like you have a great outlook , being able to enjoy the moment is probably likes greatest pleasure ..not always the easiest to do !ive two young kids and end up wishing their bedtime comes around soon!

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