Catching up

Hi everyone.

Haven't blogged for ages. I'm just back from holiday in Kerry and Clare and was fairly busy in the run up to it so, although I've kept an eye on the site I haven't taken the time to post or reply.

Sorry to see several of you have been having a pretty rotten time with this b*****r of a disease.

Yesterday was my birthday but what's more on my mind at the minute is the fact that it was exactly a year ago this Saturday that I first went to the doctor with severe pain in my lower abdomen. It's been quite a year but I count myself so lucky that I took that pain and as a result, my OC was discovered at stage 1a.

Next check up due in October but before that I'll have my first holiday abroad since all this started. A week in Sicily in September. Really looking forward to it.

Got my travel insurance through RIAS and it didn't seem too extortionate to get full cover but it is only for a week.

Anyway, hope things start looking up for all of you... And that the weather improves!

All the best


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  • Hi Linda,

    Welcome back, "Happy Birthday " (belated) hope you had a good one, and a good holiday as well love x G x

  • Thanks Gwyn. :-)

  • Hi Linda

    Belated happy birthday. Hope you had a good one. Glad you had a nice holiday too, that's what life's all about at the moment. Grabbing every opportunity we can get. We came back from Mallorca about 4 weeks ago and it was fabulous. There was a strange yellow thing in the sky and it made us feel all warm and cosy. Can't think what it was???? Off to the Cotswolds for a couple of days next week and the weather is supposed to be getting better. Here's hoping. But if not we've also booked a week in Sardinia in September........what jetsetters we've become. I am thinking this is the silver lining for me from this awful disease.

    Hope all you other ladies out there are doing ok.

    Love Chris x x

  • Oh, Sardinia sounds appealing! But I can't believe it. It's a sunny morning! :-)

  • Lol Chris may that have been the sun-what has happened to it here !!!

    Glad you are enjoying holidays



  • Happy Birthday Linda

    I'm really pleased to read you've had a good holiday and you're feeling well. I spent a long weekend in Kerry last year and had a great time. It's very beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful 2nd holiday in Sicilly. We should all treat ourselves to something nice to look forward to.

    Let us know how you're getting on. xxx Annie

  • All good so far, Annie, thanks. Hope all's well with you too. Linda xx

  • Happy Birthday Linda!

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

    Love Margaret!

  • Thanks Margaret. How's the cycling going?



  • Hi Linda!

    Not at all at present! Problem with the slipped disc! Absolute agony, with the extra bonus of sciatica! I am most comfortable walking so managing 2 or 3 miles a day!

    It is improving but slowly! Good news though! CA125 is still only 7!


  • Been there, done that with slipped disc and sciatica. No fun. Great news on the CA125 though.


  • Isn't it just! (both)


  • Happy birthday Linda, so you are a cancerion like me then? Mine was the 13th of last week. You know, I have always hated to think about my birth sign cancer, its that dreaded C word, isn`t it!

    Just thought I`d cheer you ladies up with my weather forcast report. A friend is coming to stay with us from South Africa, I asked her to bring some sunshine, they are having a better winter out there than we are summer here sooooo, tomorrow (Saturday) it will be dryer and warmer and from then on it will get warmer and warmer until we reach around the 25 mark. I presume this means the sun will shine for us. We all need some vitamin D, don`t we just!

    I was happy to hear that some of you are able to get away - we abandoned the idea of travelling abroad this year and the weather hasn`t been great for this country but yay, it sounds as though there is hope after all - we maybe in for a good August, Whoop! whoop!

    We`ll be moaning next week its too hot for us, especially for us girls who are still having the hot sweaty episodes.

    Take care everyone - lots of love from T

    Tina xxx

  • Thanks Tina. Hope you enjoy your friend's visit. My best friend who lives in Shropshire (birthday 13 July!) is coming for a visit next month. Hope we all get some sunshine.



  • Happy Birthday, Linda. It's great that you're been enjoying a break and planning another. Getting through that first year felt like a weight off my mind when I got through that milestone. I hope you go through the next year, and the ones after, going from strength to strength. Let's all hope the weekend brings some sunshine .......finally!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks so much Wendy. I know it's early days though and every twinge sets me off wondering/worrying. Expect that will go on for quite a while but I'll do my best to enjoy this sunshine.



  • Hi there Linda ...

    Happy belated birthday to you xxxx

    Delighted to hear you had a good holiday ...

    The Ring of Kerry is on my hit list of places to visit ..what was it like ??? and where did you find your accomodation ??

    We have stayed in Ireland before when hubbys sister lived there ..its so nice there ...

    Glad you have another holiday booked soon ...

    Love Janet xxx

  • Thanks Janet.

    Kenmare is a good base. Nice buzzy little town. Lots of good restaurants - treat yourself in Packies. And a great choice of hotels or b&bs.

    Hope you make it soon.



  • Thanks Linda ..

    Its Dorset this year so maybe Ireland next year .....

    Just love the Mountains etc in Ireland ...Think its because Norfolk is rather flat ..

    Love Janet xxx

  • Hi linda

    Happy birthday, glad you had a good break.


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