Cancer returned within 3 months

My mum was diagnosed with stage 3c oc last April, she had emergency surgery to remove ovaries, tubes and part of her small bowel. My mum had 6 rounds of chemo and was put in remission last October but we were told that we would probably be looking at more treatment in 2/3 years. Yesterday mum was told the cancer is back after having 6 litres of fluid drained. She is being put on Avastin for 6 months if that doesn't work they have mentioned at trial in Oxford. Just looking to see if there is any hope at all. My mum is 68. Thank you for listening x

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  • There is always hope. Hope brings a possibility to beat the odds. My mom also 68 has mestatic cancer. It has spread to a few major organs. If I loose hope, how can I gift her with hope. If you loose faith and begin to believe she is dying, I think the lost hope will some how unintentionally pass down to her and with this diagnosis, what is she without the belief that she can beat this thing or at least give it the best fight that she has. Even when my mom thinks she is dying, I try to breathe some life and encouragement into her spirit to uplift.

  • Hope is one of my fav words, without it I don't think I would be as I am today. I was diagnosed stage 3 OC July 2012 age 68, I have had 3 rounds of chemo in 31/12years.My last chemo finished end of April 2015 so it's the longest time I have had in remission , I know the cancer is back but I'm trying to go a full year before more treatment and feeling better in myself than I have for a long time. Hopefully you stay will stay with this wonderful group of people and gain the hope you can then pass on to your mum. Lots of love to you both Bridie xxx

  • She's really only at the start of her journey and it's a roller coaster ride.There are so many things to treat O.C now that it's helping to maintain the cancer as it is.Avastin is one drug among many.This is a quote from one of my favourite movies,"get busy living or get busy dying".hope is a drug to all of us women. X

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