Hi my mum has ppc coming up 2 years now. She coped really well on first lot of chemo then went on avastin for 18 months. Now relapsed since Xmas, had 2nd line didn't work ca125 very high after 2 nd one so stopped that now on 3 Rd line and it's weekly. Has spread around lymph nodes in stomach and arm pit, she has acities in stomach bottom of lungs and chest tried to drain stomach but was to close to liver and spleen! She can't eat or keep food down and lost alot of weight so so thin, has anyone been in this position and got better? We're giving this chemo 4 or 5 go's to see if it makes a difference.

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  • So sorry to hear your Mum is presently unwell, I would suggest you contact the Ovacome Nurse for help. Maybe small meals more often or perhaps protein drinks available on prescription. Thinking of you

  • Thankyou for your advice she is already taking summim called forty sips but doesn't seem to stay down, they were talking about having macmillan nurses as the house weekly for some extra help and advice as we uave fallen on hard times lately with this horrible cancer x

  • Sorry to hear your mum having such tough time of it . Hopefully this chemo will kick in and the ascites will go away soon . I know I was a few cycles into weekly taxol bore mine went . In the meantime i would seek the advice of team nutritionist to see if that can recommend protein shakes etc. She needs to keep her stretch up cope with chemo . She is lucky to have such a caring daughter , look after yourself too , imagine it's a very worrying time for you too.

  • Thankyou for answering and yes it's a very tough time, she is taking protein shakes on prescription but unfortunately they don't stay down, even thou she eats very little and often it still makes her sick. The other day all she managed was half a banana and a biscuit, thankyou for your advice and we will just keep going as much as possible x

  • Hello, and sorry to read about your mum. I was in a similar position, a month or two ago, though the symptoms started in December. I was doing well if I ate half a shredded wheat a day, and was being sick all the time, lost three stone, and had terrible ascites. Now I am on 3rd line chemo (carboplatin), the ascites has almost gone, and I am eating again, so have hope, it very probably will improve. Protein shakes, etc., might help to rebuild some energy. Love to you both, Eileen x

  • Sounds exactly the same as my mum her symptoms started around Xmas time and her 2nd line chemo 4th Jan had 2 cycles but just wasn't working now on 3 Rd line weekly same as you. Due 2nd one tomo, she has lost alot of weight which took so long to build up finally got her to around 9 Stone but now already about 7, she is so very weak even showering is difficult and tiring, how many cycles in did you start feeling better? We are talking about her going in a hospice for a while just to see if they can get her better which sounds so scary x

  • I think I was very fortunate, because my ascites started to lessen after the first chemo. I also had Spironolactone, which probably also helped with the ascites. I'm on three weekly chemo, at the moment. I went from 14 to 11 stone, the last stone being the fluid, so still have some spare weight! Your mum is very light, so maybe the hospice is the best place for her. I go to my local hospice, all the time. Don't think of it as a place to die, it's really not. They are total experts in making us totally pain free, and keeping our quality of life as high as possible. Brilliant. x

  • Thankyou for replying back so soon and putting my mind at rest a little about the hospice still seems a very scary place for her to go but thinking it could be for the best just to get her pain under control and some of the symptoms as she takes morphene at home but she is asleep for most of day and night so maybe they could help. Thankyou and really hope your chemo continues to kick butt x

  • So sorry but people do recover in hospice care and get well enough to go back on treatment. They are the experts in dealing with pain management and eating problems. I will be thinking of you both and say a little prayer for you

  • Thankyou I hate to feel this way but think my mum really does need a prayer. Thankyou x

  • Yes you must feel so helpless but put in places as many resources as you can to help you. You need to mind yourself also and not get too tired.

  • Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you at this difficult time . Think you have had good advice in previous posts about hospice . I was slow to contact Palitiave care for help with a few issues I was having but was delighted I did . Imagine once the decision is made your mum will be more comfortable and you will have more support which you definitely need at this difficult time . Hope things start to swing in the right direction soon .

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