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PPC reaccurance


Wondered if anyone could help.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 ppc in May last year and had 6 chemos carbo/taxol. This finished in dec 14, after feeling unwell and my ca125 raising my oncologist agreed to send me for a ct scan which confirmed the reaccurance I am now due to go back into chemo this Friday for second round of chemo.

My concern is over the short period of time I had between chemos in addition I was having avastin so am really worried about my future.

Im 36 and have two kids and have been dealing with this quite well however after reading posts about reaccurance and how bad the second round of chemo is compared to the first am just really worried.

Was really hoping for some advice from any fellow ppc patients.

Thanks all

Leanne x

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Hi. At a different stage and with clear cell OvCa and of course, much older, so really can't comment....just wanted to send you kind wishes and warm regards,

Take care.



Hi Leanne. I was diagnosed stage 3 PPC in July 2013. Had chemo and managed till Jan 2015 before recurrence reared its ugly head. Second line chemo not too bad for me (and I kept my hair). I was prescribed Avastin after recurrence as it was just before they changed the funding rules. I can totally understand how worried you are feeling, but you may be "pleasantly" surprised, (if I can use such a word), at how well you tolerate your next treatment. I think we are all stronger than we initially think, because we have no choice!

Do keep us posted, I will be thinking of you and sending you positive wishes. Take care. Ali x


Thanks for getting back to me Ali, really appreciate it!

Did you have 6 carbo taxol?



Hello. Yes that's the chemo that I had first time round. Think I had carbo gem for recurrence x6 with Avastin thrown in., but I could be mistaken as currently suffering "chemo brain" and memory is not quite as it was!! Good luck with treatment tomorrow, hopefully you won't find it too daunting. Let us know how you get on please.

Ali x


Hi Littlemissfighter ( love the name ).I haven't PPC but I am stage 4 ova,with peritenium being the major area.I was diagnosed last sept,finished Carbo/taxol in January,on Avastin until July.Unfortunately I have disease progression so I'm back on Carbo next week.I can't wait to go back on it,as I know it's fighting the beast within and positive attitude will help also.I wasn't too shocked when he told me it had progressed as I had a few symptoms.Amazing how my symptoms disappeared since seeing him! No painkillers or any sort of mess.Very confusing ha ha.I do so hope you got on well with your chemo.Your doing really well so far,xxx


Thanks for replying Annie, looks like we're in same/similar boat!! Love your attitude think I might adopt this too!! Yeah I had symptoms and rise in ca125 at least I know this wasn't in my head! Had carbo yesterday and was poorly all night feeling bit more comfortable today, bought one of those giant maternity pillows off amazon, I swear it's a godsend!! It's like a giant cuddle with back support the lot highly recommend!!! Good luck with your treatment chick keep mean informed xxxx loadsa love xxxx


Please please please read the posts by drdu. She is a retired gp with ppc and she has a fascinating and very encouraging story about how anti inflammatories may have kept her well after a first recurrence a few months after treatment. If you search members for drdu you will find all of her posts. Vx

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I'll have a look once thru the grimness of chemo week- thanks for that xx


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