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Could someone advise me on holiday insurance? All quotes have been out of the question and am considering not to bother at all!

I was diagnosed with stage IV PPC in January 2014 and since then have had one round of carbo/taxol followed by surgery. I went into remission until last September and have just completed second round of chemo - carbo/caelyx. I am also grappling with polymyalgia, the treatment for which is fat making steroids! My CA 125 has dropped from 5000 at diagnosis to under 50 now. I am determined to go on our cruise to the Mediterranean in April.


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  • Hi

    I had similar treatment to you and the diagnosis for me was stage 4. I went on a Norwegian Cruise last October and it cost me £133 with MIA 08009993333. The only thing it did not cover was cancellation insurance but you are covered for all the rest and they were excellent. Luckily I did not need them but as soon as I was on the plane at Heathrow I was covered so breathed a sigh of relief. I went for 10 days so thought the price was excellent.

    Good luck and hope this helps and you get your holiday.


  • Thanks Barbara I will certainly give them a try.


  • Hello

    I use Insurancewith:

    They even insured me to go to the States a couple of years ago and were miles cheaper than anyone else. So much so that I asked them to double check everything as I couldn't understand why they were so much cheaper than the competition. The company was set up by a woman who had breast cancer. She was already an insurance broker I think and had so many problems getting insurance as a cancer sufferer that she set up her own company to help others in the same situation. You can read her story on the company website. I hope you get sorted out. The only

    time they wouldn't insure me was while I was waiting for radiotherapy but other than that I've found them very good.


  • Thanks Beth - I can compare two now! It's great to know that at least some people understand.


  • Hello Lynne, I'm with Insurancewith, and have been very impressed, every time there has been a change in my condition, it's been easy to let them know, and no horrendous extra charges. I went on a Croatian cruise, last year, and there was a small supplement for cruises, again, not a huge amount. I'm PPC 3c, on my 3rd recurrence. All the best, Eileen x

  • Thanks Eileen

    Lynne x

  • Definitely recommend insurance with x

  • Hi Lynne

    Try which comes back with a series of quotes. I have found them very useful and had some reasonably priced insurance both for Europe and further afield.

    Have a good holiday.


  • Thanks Anne, I am now getting some quotes in.

    Lynne x

  • Thanks ladies, I gave up trying insurance companies a while ago, these I have not tried so thanks for info

  • I use BarclaysBank. I opened an account that I can add-on traveisurance. It costs me a mere £8.00 for any one month. When I get home I cancel the DD. It covers everything except any illness directly related to the cancer. They have it on record that I have cancer. I go abroad quite a lot as Cornwall and Brittany have a strong Celtic Music affinity. Gio

  • You probably have enough choice from everyone else, but I used American Express recently. (You don't have to have their credit card!) They insured myself and my partner in February for a week on Lanzarote, excluding ongoing medical conditions, for about £65. (I'm Stage 3c oc, technically in remission but on Avastin for maintenance.)

  • Lynne. Insurancewith won't cover me for some reason but i always get reasonable quotes from 'ok to travel'. Paid 84 for a week in japan and 25ish for a weekend in europe.

    I have stage 3a borderline and low grade oc, debulked with no symptoms or visible tumours but watchful waiting scans going on and a possible second look op being considered. But no definitive treatment planned right now, which may make a difference for quotes.

    Have fun on the cruise...that sounds like a great idea :) .

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