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Ovarian cyst

Where do I begin? In the last 12 months it has been found that I have a tethered spinal cord and a cyst on my spine, at the moment

I am under a neurologist who sent me to a urologist for test. On sending me for a ct scan on my kidneys and bladder it was found I have a 7 - 8cm cyst on my ovary. Since then I have had a cystoscopy which showed the cyst pressing on my bladder. My specialist said he was going to refer me to a gynaecologist . Last week ( 4 weeks after the find) I visited my gp as I had continual pain in my right side, keep feeling nauseous ibs type symptoms headaches, tired, and no sign of app from gynaecologist etc. I was sent away with MORE pain killers and a tablet to help with the nausea and GP said she would send a letter to the gynaecologist.

I received an appt today for the 21st jan16 ANOTHER 8 WEEK WAIT.

I am quite worried as to whether it is the big C especially as I have a cyst on my spine too and with the other problems I have I want it sorted asap.

I have had heavy periods for a while now, used to be regular but just lately it's every 2-3 weeks. I have been anaemic for awhile now.

Does anyone have any advice and what do I need to do to get seen asap I feel that no doc cares and I don't want it to be too late once they decide to see me.

Sorry to ramble but I am at my wits end with worry.

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Hi, sorry to hear all the problems you have on the last year and the worry that comes with it . Under nice guidelines referral should be within two weeks if cancer is suspected. You say u have received an appointment in another eight weeks is it possible to give the hospital a call explain your concerns and symptoms ask for an early appointment . There Is on Target ovarian cancer's website a symptom checklist diary which you could complete and take back to your Gp . Or if symptoms continue attend A&E .

Good luck x


Called several times to be told there is nothing earlier.the way it's going I will be making a visit to a and e.


Hi Chelle

Sorry to hear the tough time you are having, as your gp done any blood tests if not might be an idea ask for one as if ca count is raised as well as the cyst I would ask to be referred on the two week process X


My ca came back the high end of normal, but I have been told this test can't always be reliable.



I agree with the last reply, I have just gone through the ovarian cancer scare being my age 73, I had several scans and also saw the consultant at Northampton Hospital all two weeks in between each test.

With me like you I was very worried about cancer, they took both ovaries, tubes etc. away and luckily everything was free from cancer.

Get back to your GP and say how worried you are.

Best of luck



Glad to hear all ok now, I'm only 43, but I have had my kids it would not bother me if they had to take everything out. I just want to be seen asap to now the plan of action, I hate waiting and not knowing.xx



The waiting sucks doesn't it?? It may be that going to aAnd e may be a good idea! Sometimes that is a quicker way to get scans etc. just don't go on a Friday or Saturday night! :) good luck and I hope it all comes back as benign. X x


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