Here we go again!!!

Following on from my post the other day I am now lying on a hospital bed having the ascites drained. Even though it's over a year since my treatment finished I now feel like I've never been away!! Don't know yet what my treatment plan is going to be but hoping that I will feel a bit more comfortable by the end of the day. Thank you to everyone for all the kind messages - can't honestly say I'm happy to be back but sincerely glad you are all here with me x


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  • I know how you feel Becky, Im also in hospital following admission with vomiting and abdo pain. Still waiting to find out how theyre going to sort me out, but hopefully it wont be such a long drawn out process for you - getting the drain in will make all the difference to you. Big hugs coming your way. xx

  • Hi Becky

    Reading your post I'm sitting here with a horrible, big uncomfortable tummy.

    Scan for me tomorrow, oncologist on Monday. As cites is the pits !

    Hope you feel more comfortable soon.

    Love Judy xx

  • Hi Becky,

    It's strange, I was in remission for 12 months, when I found out I am in recurrence I felt kind of relief... Like something I don't have to worry when and will come back. My cancer is back, I'm getting carbo and caelyx and I am sad and dossapointed but extremely calm... Once you have plan in place you'll b fine. Has to be done...again 😈

    I wish you all the best, keep in touch

    Hugs xx

    Janetta from Hairless Beauty

  • I'm so glad you said that because I partly feel the same. Of course I'm devastated but relieved that I'm not constantly wondering. I ended up having 6 litres drained today and that's not all of it so I'm back next Friday. Apparently all the scar tissue from my surgery last time has created walls that the fluid couldn't get over!! Anyway, it's made me feel more comfortable for now so that's something!

  • Stay strong Beckyjh! You're definitely not alone, hope you feel a bit better now!

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