Here we go again?

After finishing 2nd line chemo last December with seveal months symptom free of PPC, I recently started having pains in my lower abdomen. At my 9 month check up yesterday, the very nice registrar couldnt really say whether he was feeling anything or not during the examination. I asked for a scan and am now waiting for a date, I was elated at knowing I would be getting a scan so that we would know one way or the other but today I am feeling less than happy, the thought of going through the regime yet again with all the side effects and hair loss (which doesnt really bother me but does everyone else) just puts a dampner on life. I know I should be glad that I am still here after 2 years and have found your blogs about different delivery methods etc very encouraging but when are they going to come up with the answers to cure this bxxxer once and for all.


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  • Hi Harley

    I know what you mean. I finished 2nd line in April and now have to face 3rd line at some point in the near future after recent CT scan showed recurrence. Have some abdominal niggles and also bowel problems. I didn't lose my hair last time (was on carbo/gem regime). Not sure what regime it will be this time but not looking forward to it and yes, it's about time they found something to 'cure' this bxxxxy disease!!

    I'm really surprised you had to ask for a scan! Good luck and hope it comes back clear!!


    Colette xxxxxxx

  • Dear Joanna

    I know how you feel. We're all getting on with life and keeping our heads up and then sometimes you just get so very fed up with all the hospital appointments, chemo, and it just never going away. I got some hope when I heard they'd discovered the protein that is present in all Ovarian Cancer and how it is flawed. I just hope now they've tracked that down there may be some way of repairing it so the cancer will become curable.

    Another bit of hope is the new way of administering Taxol which seems to be effective.

    Sending you loads of love xx Annie

  • Dear Annie,

    I have missed the new way of administering Taxol, could you explain a bit more.

    Wendy x

  • Dear Wendy

    There's been a trial in Japan with Dose-dense Taxol administered weekly rather than the traditional 3 infusions in one day every 3 weeks. In Japan it was very successful but I understand the Japanese are very responsible for chemotherapy. I gleaned all this from a lecture by Professor Hani Gabri and the lecture notes have been posted up on this site.

    It's now being rolled out - I noted the member in Israel is having weekly Taxol, and some members of the site in the UK. It's new but has had very positive outcomes from the early trials.

    It's certainly worth asking your oncologist what they think. Apart from the survival rates it seems to me better to administer on a weekly basis to avoid spending whole days in hospital - though perhaps not feasible for women who live at a distance from their oncology unit.

    Hope this is helpful. love xxx Annie

  • An anxious time for you Joanna, hope you get a date for your scan ASAP.

    Thinking of you

    With love and best wishes

    Mary xx

  • Hi Harley

    Know exactly how you feel, was told yesterday that I have a recurrence and will be needing more treatment, have been struggling with the thought of being on chemo again and questioning whether it's even worth it but thankfully I'm back on my positive vibe of kicking this bugger to the kerb. We have to remain hopeful that a cure will be found. Have to go in at 2.30 today for a drain, have been sooooooo uncomfortable, not sure what chemo regime I will be on, will find out on 15th. Sending you big cyber hugs

    Shabila xxx

  • I am an early recurrer after being diagnosed in April 2010 (3c), I started treatment again in Feb 2012. I have had pains recently and had a ct scan to see what was happening. Like you the oncologist wasn't sure if she could feel masses in the abdomen. The results came back yesterday showing no new disease and most of the stuff from the recurrence has disappeared, just a couple of little spots that aren't doing anything that were there on an earlier scan. Apparently adhesions can form many years after treatment and cause pains. I have switched to a Paleo diet which was recommended by a doctor in America who has had ovarian cancer herself (diagnosed at stage 4 over 20 years ago) and this has helped reduce inflammation. I know it's hard but hope does make it all the difference doesn't it. Best of luck

  • I also have recurrance and refused chemo. (not a cure) could feel tumors in my abdomen and for last 6 weeks have been doing the dr.joanna budwig diet (sandy told us about) and eating a whole grated frozen lemon pith pips and skin I can hardly feel the tumers now?also visulisation and i feel great eating fruit and organic veg etc. really feel its working for of luck with what ever is right for you love Jennyxxx

  • Hi there, message to Harley and the other ladies above. Haven't been on for a while! Had the last of my cycle of gem/carbo after a second reoccurance in June this year. Hey ho! Scan on 27th with results on 3rd Dec. As all of us I pray for a LONG remission but reading your blogs well - I have to be realistic eh? When oh when is someone gonna maybe not cure but at least stop the bloody thing coming back time after time? I keep positive most of the time but those dark times ( this morning at 6am!!) Would love to plan forward - see my husband not looking at me as if to say ' Hoow long have I got you for?' We are all different but as you all say - the thought of another chemo regime and what ever it brings is pretty daunting isn't it? Would love to be normal again and realise how much I took NORMAL for granted!! Hard as it may be Joanna - KEEP YOUR POSITIVE HEAD!! Thinking of you all

  • Hi Fannyanny,

    Good to hear from you,I have been thinking of you and sent you a couple of PMs but don't think you picked them up,I have missed you on the site,so glad you have commented now...wishing you all the best love x G x

  • Hi Harley,

    Sending you best wishes for your scan love x G x

  • With you there Fanny!


  • Thank you all ladies for yur encouraging responses, I had a wee bubble this morning when reading them but time to get my act together for when hubby comes home today - he works away during the week, I have put a positive slant on having the scan for my families benefit, lets hope my fears are unfounded. I am by nature a fighter and putting my blog on this site and receiving your responses has helped me greatly. I will look up the paleo diet - the bloating annoys me as i need a larger size of jeans which droop round my bum and baggy tops - thank goodness for that current trend - maybe time to start wearing elasticated trousers - LOL.

    Thank you and big hugs to all you brave ladies.



  • Dear Joanna,

    Thank you for your post, I am in second line chemo and just coming to the sixth cycle. It has taken me months to accept I had to have treatment again and I wish you all the very best. I am now on Avastin every three weeks for as long as it works. I wish you all the very best and I admire the way you were able to ask for a scan.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi just wondering how you were given avastin as my onc said I couldn't have it as it was my 2nd line has things changed ? Good luck like you all I am fed up with this horrible disease as you can't plan ahead hugs to all xx

  • Hi Wendy,

    Just wondering how Avistan makes you feel? What are the side effects if any...................just in case!!!

  • Just started my 3rd line carbo/taxol 2 weeks ago. Good luck with your scan and sending you a big hug. LindaB xxx

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